Starting in 2021, as we mean to go on, Framework Digital is delighted to welcome a new member to the team.

Mike Gulliver brings experience in customer service and solutions-focused sales.


I see digital marketing is a valuable way to empower organisations that are ready to grow.


If you have questions about digital marketing and CRM system, in particular, connect with Mike on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/michael-gulliver


Mike Gulliver – Sales Manager


01296 769369

HubSpot Solutions Partner


We’re extremely excited to announce that Framework Digital is now a HubSpot Solutions Partner.

HubSpot is our choice of the CRM system. We have tried many other platforms since 2018 and the HubSpot is the winning solution that works for us,

Now, we are HubSpot Solution Provider and we feel confident to offer implementation and support service to our clients.


Contact Mike Gulliver – Sales Manager


01296 769369

As we all prepare for a quiet, relaxing Christmas break, Framework Digital would like to share our thanks and appreciation for your support through 2020.


Your continued custom has helped us to ride the storm and we hope that, in return, our services have aided you through the challenges.


Despite a year of uncertainty and social isolation, the small business community has adapted, pulled together and responded to changing needs. We are hopeful that this resilience will pay dividends for every small business and charitable organisation in 2021.


We wish you all a healthy and happy Christmas break.


Kindest regards,


Tomas Pukalski

Framework Digital

Understand the ins and outs of Google Ads



Google Ads system and how to optimise on search results to drive new business.

This webinar is organised by Buckinghamshire Business First.

We will cover:

  • SEO vs Google Ads.
  • How the Google Ads system works
  • What kind of campaigns are right for your company?
  • Money; How much does it cost to advertise?
  • What results can be expected?


Who is this event aimed at?

This webinar is designed for business owners and managers who are interested in Google Advertising. If you don’t want to waste time and money experimenting, this session could help not only understand how it works but also gives tips and strategies for getting great results.


What Knowledge will you take away with you?

The session is divided into 3 chapters:

  1. Introduction – The basics about online advertising. Learn the differences between paid and organic search results (PPC vs SEO), in order for you to make the right choice for your company. an explanation of the basic terminology.
  2. Google Ads system – You will learn the details of Google Ads; the points that make the difference between disappointing results and the best return of your investment. We use real case studies of advertising campaigns to illustrate the points and clarify the benefits.
  3. Q&A – Thesession will end with the opportunity for attendees to ask specific questions about their own businesses.



Date: 26 August, 2020 – 26 August, 2020
Time: 10:00am – 11:30am
Price: Free

Book on BBF website

23th March 2020

We hope you are keeping well and safe.

Following the latest government advice, we are not going to open our office from 24th March until further notice.

However testing the future is going to be for all of us and our families, friends, neighbours and clients, we are committed to secure business continuity and provide support whenever we can.

So far the best we can do is to follow advice form official channels https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus local authority, schools, business support https://bbf.uk.com/covid-19


29th May 2020

We are planning to open up the office on the 3rd August 2020.

In the mean time, we keep on working on existing and new projects. We have been also developing our services to make what we offer more beneficial for our clients.



Google Search Algorithm – May the 4th


Google search algorithm update has been introduced in May 2020. Find out what Google is looking for and what gets priority.

Ask yourself this questions when writing or reviewing your web content:

  • Does the content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis?
  • Does the content provide a substantial, complete or comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Does the content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  • If the content draws on other sources, does it avoid simply copying or rewriting those sources and instead provide substantial additional value and originality?
  • Does the headline and/or page title provide a descriptive, helpful summary of the content?
  • Does the headline and/or page title avoid being exaggerating or shocking in nature?
  • Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?

We hope the guidance offered here is helpful. You’ll also find plenty of advice about good content with the resources available from Google Webmasters.

23th March 2020

We hope you are keeping well and safe.

Following the latest government advice, we are not going to open our office from 24th March until further notice.

However testing the future is going to be for all of us and our families, friends, neighbours and clients, we are committed to secure business continuity and provide support whenever we can.

So far the best we can do is to follow advice form official channels https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus local authority, schools, business support https://bbf.uk.com/covid-19



We are very happy to announce that Framework Digital has been awarded Google Partner status.

Are you looking for Google certified company to manage Google Ads?

This achievement is much more than a certificate for the wall. It means that we can evidence our proficiency in the setup and management of Google Ads campaigns.

When selecting a company to manage your Google Ads campaigns, look for this globally-recognised badge of expertise. It is a sign of quality assurance.

How we became a Google Partner?

When I joined the Google Partner Programme in 2013, I felt confident in my abilities. I had already set up effective online advertising campaigns, but I was also keen to improve. Taking part in Google Training soon shows that there is always more to learn!

GA account – clicks and impressions – 2013 – 2020

Having completed a series of courses, I took the 100 question exam. I was a little out of exam practice. It was tough, yet I achieved a score of over 85%, which is the requirement to pass.

Fortunately, I passed the exam, but that is not the end of the process. Next, Framework Digital came under review. Assessments were made to ensure that it meets the Google Partner requirements.

During this process, all Google Ads campaigns that we set up and managed were reviewed. The learning has to be put into practice to demonstrate best practice. Framework Digital needed to prove that we consistently applied the right keyword selection, tools and strategies to deliver tangible results for our customers.

To satisfy Google we had to prove that we had the necessary knowledge, experience and high-performance Google Ads campaigns. The certification was then awarded.

We have worked hard to earn this recognition. We hope it provides existing and future customers with the reassurance. Framework Digital is equipped to deliver great results with Google Ads campaigns.

Are you looking for local Google Ads certified partner? Here is the link to Framework Digital Google Partner profile which is the proof of our qualification and partner status.


A Current Website Redesign Project


Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust


Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust is keen to bolster the number of members, volunteers, event attendees and trustees. They are particularly keen to encourage younger people to get involved with their organisation. In addition, they want to increase donations and sponsorship of research projects. These research projects help to protect our county’s parks and gardens.

The board identified that a website redesign would be essential for attracting interest, building awareness and encouraging supporters. They approached a number of local web design companies for a quote and Framework Digital made the cut.


Like many organisations, Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust has evolved continuously since it was founded. The current website is full of content; both current and historic. Every document has value to the organisation and to specific groups of people. Having said this, the scale of content was impeding navigation and our challenge was to resolve this.

The aim was for a clean, fresh design that would resonate with visitors. The team recognised that the process of planning for the website development would involve them making collective decisions about what content their website visitors really wanted. Such decisions have resulted in detailed discussions about what must stay and what is no longer relevant.

The organisation also required simple ways in which content could be regularly added. This had to be achieved without compromising the intuitive navigation.

In addition, there was an issue with Google Maps. It currently showed the property of one of the Board and they wanted this to be changed. An overly complex set up of emails also needed attention.


Framework Digital began the process of redesigning the Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust website by clarifying the logo and branding. The new design would be used on the website, newsletters, research reports and membership forms. The aim is to give consistency to all marketing.

We worked with a core team to agree on what content had to be included in the main menu. We explored a range of options on how other information could be accessible, such as links in the footer and a ‘members-only’ section. Some were embraced, whilst others were ruled out. We have only presented ideas which will be straightforward for the organisation to manage and update.

Our website design included categorisation options. This would help organise all new articles and information that would be posted and act as a filter for visitors. We also added breadcrumbs to each sub-page. This would help visitors identify where they were and to make it easier to get back to previous pages.

Clear call to actions were added to every page to encourage the desired outcomes. Our aim was to set these up in such a way as to reduce manual processes, therefore reducing the work currently being undertaken by the team.

We were able to resolve the Google Maps and email issues.


We arranged a planning meeting, in which our preliminary vision for the website was shared. Following this, we received this feedback:

“Thank you so very much for presenting the initial draft of the new Bucks Gardens Trust website today; it is excellent, clear and will be easy to navigate. Thank you for all the thought you have given, and are giving, to its design and construction.”

Rosemary, Bucks Garden Trust 


Community Support – Aylesbury Youth Action

The current situation highlights the essential role that we can all play in our communities. You may have collected groceries and prescriptions for a neighbour. You may have set up an activity to share online. Maybe you got the paints out and contributed to the Rainbow Trail.

Aylesbury Youth Action is a local organisation that encourage teenagers to get involved in voluntary community activities throughout the year. Their team encourage young people to join them on visits care homes or help children participate in holiday activities. Others assist with gardening, wildlife and other fantastic projects.

Making a Difference

Over the 2019 festive season, Framework Digital decided to donate to Aylesbury Youth Action. This was in the place of sending Christmas cards to our customers and business friends. A card would be long forgotten, but our donation will support teenagers to make a difference in our community. That is a valuable life lesson.