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For business leaders, improving efficiency and investing in what becomes a company asset is paramount. Adopting HubSpot CRM for business can help with both.

HubSpot CRM (customer relationship management) software helps manage the day-to-day operation of a successful business. It organises business contacts, sales leads, meetings, quotations, and more.


What is HubSpot onboarding?

It is, in a sense, like moving into a new office or warehouse. HubSpot comes with all these worthwhile modules but is empty and disconnected initially.

The onboarding involves making HubSpot a home for your company. Our onboarding team will customise and connect HubSpot with your company’s IT, communication, and marketing infrastructure.

The onboarding service includes:

  1. consultancy,
  2. data import,
  3. system customisation,
  4. integration,
  5. training.
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What is included?

Our HubSpot onboarding process is divided into three main task groups and can be delivered in 2 to 3 days.

Day 1 – consultation meeting and gathering detailed information about your company.

Day 2: we will customise your HubSpot account, import contacts, and integrate it with other services.

Day 3 – handover meeting and training session, with follow-up meeting scheduled at the end of the session. 

Onboarding tasks

Here is the list of tasks included in our HubSpot onboarding service.

We will send you a link with an invitation to register a new account. If you follow the registration, we will have access automatically. If you go for the paid HubSpot package, you pay directly to Hubspot.

If you already have a HubSpot account, you can grant us access.

You will remain the super-admin in both cases. 

We will create a company profile, add the company contact details and add users who are going to use HubSpot.

Sending and recording emails on HubSpot is a valuable feature. Hubspot email tracking will let you see who reads your communications and when.

We will connect your existing email accounts to HubSpot CRM. Your current Outlook or Gmail mailbox will remain in synch. HubSpot will automatically save contact details and keep track of email communications. You could add a HubSpot extension to your Outlook. 

We will upload your logo and branding colours. That will be used from numerous templates across the platform, ensuring your clients recognise your company.

We will create smart email signatures for each registered team member.

This is one of the most critical steps. With the initial set-up complete, we will prepare your client lists, format them and import them into the new account.

The imported data will be enriched by HubSpot by adding missing addresses, contact numbers, web addresses, etc.

Storing customers’ data in HubSpot is safe, and the platform is GDPR compliant. The download of the entire or partial database is reserved for super admins.

HubSpot’s tracking can be added to your website. That will allow the HubSpot system to recognise your website visitors and track their engagement with your website automatically.

HubSpot can capture details entered into web forms and create records in the database. Further, what is happening with the record can be automated. If this is an enquiry form, the record can go to the first step of the sales process.

The data will be gathered and protected in compliance with GDPR.

Any appointments created in HubSpot will automatically populate your calendar on Microsoft or Google. Calendars will remain synchronised. Appointments with Zoom or Teams links can be sent to clients from HubSpot.

HubSpot offers an appointment booking and meeting system, so we will work with you to set it up in a way that fits your business.

Setting up suitable for your business stages in the sales process is the next step. It could be as simple as Enquiry – Proposal – Won – Lost. We will set custom steps for your company.

Once set up, this step will support financial forecasting (what is in the pipeline). Seeing the big picture will help manage the sales team, finances and production.

Would you like to see how your online advertising campaigns (Google, Linkedin, Facebook) generate leads?

We will connect campaigns and conversion tracking. The report will show the cost per lead and conversion.

Most clients are accessing HubSpot through a web browser. The free mobile app allows access to essential functionalities on the go. In addition, the app enables scanning business cards and transferring details straight into the database.

Team members can download the free app and log in with their username and password.

Following GDPR requirements, we will set the system’s specific consent and permission settings, including website forms and tracking.  That enables you to capture and store clients’ data legally.


Competency, cost and contract

We practice what we preach – our sales, marketing and service rely on HubSpot.

Our staff, responsible for the consulting, system setup, integrations, and training, have certificates issued by HubSpot after completing our training session. We also have years of practical experience using HubSpot.

The total cost of our HubSpot onboarding is, on average, between £1600.00 and £2400.00. It depends mainly on the database’s size and quality, the training level and the number of participants.

We will supply the contract and quotation based on the individual needs.

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Framework Digital is HubSpot's approved Solution Provider

Enquire about HubSpot onboarding

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Frequently asked questions

Discover insights about HubSpot and onboarding

Our onboarding and training sessions cover HubSpot Sales, Marketing and Service modules.

We can complete the whole program in 2 or 3 days, but the whole process usually stretches longer. Clients need to provide us with databases, logos, lists of team members, and their photos.

We usually split training sessions into manageable 2-hour blocks two weeks apart. The second session is to address particular questions that come up after using the system.  

We need to access client’s websites to implement forms and tracking. That often requires collaboration with a third party.

We will share instructions to integrate HubSpot with your calendars and mailboxes. These integrations often require following simple steps with usernames and passwords to your email provider – you would not need to share these with us.

The basic CRM, which is actually very generous with available functionalities, is FREE.

The cost of paid modules mainly depends on the size of a company. The starter-level subscription allows 2 users and up to 1000 marketing contacts, which costs £40/month, paid directly to HubSpot. 

Those who:

  • use a spreadsheet and sticky notes to manage sales,
  • keep the central database of client details on a single computer,
  • keep a stack of business cards with a vague plan to use them in the future,
  • can’t easily see and analyse relations between sales figures, advertising cost, website traffic, enquiries etc
  • want to reassure clients that their data is stored and processed with GDPR (general data protection) compliance,
  • are worried about what will happen if a sales representative leaves and how to pick up cases and carry on.

Simply book a meeting with us. We offer consultancy and demos or, if you’ve done enough research already, ask for details and a quotation for onboarding, training and support. 

Book a free consultation on our contact page

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