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We spoke to Mike about the most recent website launch, Oasis Partnership.
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What was the initial brief?

Oasis Partnership wanted to increase funding by attracting a new type of user to the site and to improve their donation methods. They also wanted to highlight their work, increase ease of use, and ensure they share drives and fundraising goals for specific projects. All this in addition to giving the site an update, making it mobile optimised, as more than 50% of users will visit a site on their mobile devices.


What does Oasis Partnership do?

Since 1984, the Oasis Partnership has been providing services throughout Buckinghamshire, specifically providing substance misuse services, expertise and recovery support,

In 2019, the charity pivoted its objectives to enhance the support they offer, enabling them to develop new provision focused on Early Intervention and Prevention, Employment, and a range of Health and Wellbeing initiatives.


What is the new website helping with?

The new website makes the administration significantly easier for the team. Tasks such as changing images, adding posts, creating vacancies, or highlighting a cause have been made with the charity amin in mind. In addition, the donation method is significantly more robust, easier to use, and shows where the generous donations go and how it really does make an impact, as well as add Gift Aid automatically, generating more income for the organisation.


Did you provide training as part of the launch?

As part of the project, we provided training to the members of the team who will be using the website on a regular basis. We invited the team members to come and see us at our premises, sit with us face to face and show them what to do, how to do it and go over any questions they had. After the session, we are always on hand if there is anything the team needs or even if they just want to check they are doing something correctly!


Any way you worked in partnership? Any problems you overcame?

We welcomed the Oasis Partnership as new client, and we couldn’t be happier with how fantastic the team were when working together on the project. They were prompt, friendly, patient, and willing to collaborate in a way that helped facilitate a wonderful environment throughout.

As with any project, there were some small issues that took a little longer (such as sourcing the right images for the team and to showcase the hard work done by the charity). However, these were minor, and the fantastic working relationship meant these were overcome with the positive attitude we have come to expect from the Oasis Partnership team. 

Thanks Mike!

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