Web Hosting and Support

Web Hosting & Support Services

Dependable web hosting and after-launch support are the backbone of every successful web project.

We offer UK-based web hosting that we manage for our clients while the servers are monitored by engineers 24/7.

Every month, our team resolves around 100 support tickets submitted by calls and emails for our clients. 

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Web Hosting Services

We offer web hosting as part of every new website project we undertake. For all websites hosted on our servers, we can guarantee backups, security and uninterrupted operation.

Our web hosting packages include website maintenance that takes into account regular security and technology upgrades, loading speed optimisation, contact forms testing and more.

As a part of our web hosting service, we offer domain name registration, SSL certificates and licencing of WordPress pro plugins.

We helped many clients transfer their websites from other suppliers to us. We can offer technical support concerning domain ownership and hosting control and negotiate with 3rd parties on your behalf.

Find out details about our sustainable web hosting servers and prices.

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Support and Training

We want our clients to take ownership of their new websites; therefore, we hand over login details and provide website admin training as for all new build sites.

To make new admins excited about managing their websites, we offer ongoing support and structured WordPress training.

We provide two types of website support: (01) pay-as-you-go and (02) annual contracts with a service-level agreement.

Our clients are contacting us on matters ranging from a simple help with a web page editing or creating web analytics reports to adding booking systems to existing websites.  

website training session with a clients

The style of training and delivery was excellent – just the right pace! Thanks for allowing the participants to try things out for themselves which resulted in a very happy team.

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Reducing CO₂ emission

Our hosting servers are 100% powered by renewable energy.

Whenever we can, we adjust our business operations to contribute to environmental sustainability.

This is reflected in our choice to use a 100% renewable-energy data centre to hold our hosting servers with guaranteed 99.995% uptime and UK-based 24/7 tech support.

Find out more about our eco-friendly web hosting.

Frequently asked questions

01 relates to web hosting and 02 to support services

It depends on how busy the website is on average, which means how many visitors are coming to the site and the anticipated activities (e.g. 100 visitors daily browsing pages or 1000 visitors per day shopping).

Currently (March 2024) our basic WordPress hosting package starts at £288.00/year for simple site, £576.00/year for more demanding websites. We also offer maintained, private hosting servers. 

That includes website maintenance, backup, uptime monitoring and loading speed testing.

Web hosting prices.

We specialise in WordPress development, and our hosting is most suitable for hosting and maintaining these websites.

Yes, we have transferred many websites in the past 10 years.

We can help you navigate the process, especially if it is challenging to get the control back.

We can transfer websites and domain names, too.

Yes, we book domain names for our clients. We always register these domains in our client’s name who is the legal owner while we keep a technical support position on the registrar.

Yes, we can help with certain  Google services like Google Analytics, Google My Business (Google Maps), Google Console (Webmaster Tools).  

Yes, we have an agency level accounts with Stripe, GoCardless and PayPal and we can offer help with integrations of these systems.  

Clients with support accounts (contracts and ad-hoc) call or email. A simple job (eg changing service description on a web page) is completed within 2 days.

More complex jobs (anything that takes more than 2h of work) is agreed with a client before commencing. 

We have a system where we record support cases with a date, description and time. We send invoice at the end of a month or quarter.  

We offer in-person or remote, 2 hours long structured training for up to 3 participants at £180.00 per session.

That session covers managing users and accesses, editing pages, adding new posts and pages, adding galleries, version control, and more.

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