Sustainable Web Hosting

Carbon-neutral web hosting

Our dependable web hosting servers are powered by 100% renewable energy. 

We offer UK-based web hosting that we manage for our clients while the servers are monitored by engineers 24/7.

Join over 100 of our clients and associate your organisation with green web hosting credentials. 

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Why sustainable web hosting

The Internet’s global use emits over a billion tonnes of CO₂ annually. That is 50% more than the entire aviation industry.

According to a Netflix study, streaming for 1 hour generates 55g of CO₂. Another study estimates 3000g – equivalent to driving 7 miles on a petrol engine car.

Eco-friendly web hosting does not compromise on security and is not more expensive. Instead, it contributes to the positive image and trust.

As a responsible web design company, we feel that offering sustainable web hosting is our duty.

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What we offer

Web hosting

While our suppliers provide us with eco-friendly and reliable infrastructure, we set up and manage web servers for our client’s individual WordPress websites.


As a part of our web hosting service, we offer domain name registration and management.


We helped many clients regain control over their websites and domains from other hosting suppliers. We offer web hosting transfers.

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Tomas has over 25 years of experience in building websites and managing web hosting servers.

Web hosting options

At the moment, we offer WordPress hosting exclusively.

Within every web hosting price package, we guarantee daily backups, active security monitoring and uninterrupted operation – enjoy 99.995% uptime.

Our web hosting packages include website maintenance and direct access to our support team.

We also offer dedicated WordPress servers that we can help configure for a particular project or a bunch of websites for a single client.

Web hosting packages

These prices represent the most common web hosting arrangements that we currently offer (March 2024).

We provide our clients with individual quotations. Web hosting contracts may include additional items like plugins (website extensions) subscriptions or discounts for hosting multiple sites.  

£288.00 per 12 months or £26.80 monthly

Managed WordPress hosting with daily backup, SSL certificate, and annual maintenance.

This robust solution is suitable for brochure-type websites. It can accommodate enquiry forms.

£567.00 per 12 months

Managed WordPress website hosting, priority support, unlimited bandwidth and storage, and bi-annual maintenance (includes theme and plugin updates, testing for speed, online forms and more).

This hosting is suitable for busy websites. I can accommodate small e-commerce operations processing payments, a website with multiple integrations, multiple forms processing and storing clients’ data, etc.

We manage and adjust the PHP version and allocate server resources to meet the site’s requirements. We can block IPs and incoming traffic from certain areas and monitor uptime. Your website will be protected from malware by a ‘firewall shield’ that prevents 1000s incidents per month, including unauthorised website access. This server includes WordPress caching that speeds up websites for visitors. Website Integrity tool scans every new plugin and file added to a website for malware and blocks access to WordPress through XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Call).

from £1140.00 per 12 months

Managed WordPress hosting server, custom SLA (service level agreement), priority support, unlimited bandwidth, traffic boost and monthly maintenance.

A dedicated server is for the most demanding websites. This server can host multiple sites for a single organisation.



While web hosting can be seen as a location where your website is stored, a domain name is like a street address of that storage.

We find, register and manage domains for our clients. We pay registration fees and annual renewals, adding these fees to annual web hosting contracts.

Domain registration fees

The domain registration fee depends on the domain type: global and local. 

£38.40 – registration and annual renewal

The most popular global domains: .com, .org, .net

£28.80 – registration and annual renewal

The most popular global domains:,, .co, .uk


Consultancy and support

Managing web hosting servers, domains, SSL certificates, plugin licences, and more is fundamental for any website operation. It is an intricate network, but we are here to help.

We can plan and manage complex tasks like link redirection after publishing a new website or changing the domain for an existing website.

We can migrate any website or domain to our hosting servers, too.

Examples of charges 

£120.00 – installation and annual renewal

SSL (secure socket layer) certificate is necessary for any website that processes online transactions or user details.

£216.00 – 12 months or £20.00 monthly

This plugin facilitates the creation and distribution of newsletters. It manages user signups and stores details. It has functionality comparable to Mailchimp but is easier to manage and less expensive.

£144.00 – 12 months or £18.00 per month

Automatically generated emails like order confirmations or web enquiries can end up in the recipient’s junk folder or get rejected.

Sendgrid is an email distribution relay that secures web-generated email delivery.

£114.00 – 12 months or £12.00 per month

This plugin allows the creation of complex forms with conditional logic, 3rd party integrations, payment processing, autoresponders, calculators and more.

£660.00 – 1 day

With admin access (username and password) to a WordPress website, we can transfer it to our web hosting server. It includes website backup, transfer, testing and re-publishing. 

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