Supporting Aylesbury College during Colleges Week 2024

We celebrate Colleges Week by announcing our increased involvement with Aylesbury College for this year. Read on to find out how we are getting more involved in two different ways.
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We at Framework Digital, believe educating the next generation is extremely important. We have always been heavily involved in local education as part of our social responsibility value. Our partnerships with local educational establishments such as Aylesbury College (part of Bucks College Group) are very important to us.

For the last 5 years, we have helped shape the curriculum for students with Aylesbury College, and given talks about Website Design to students for example. We have also been part of the T Level scheme and offered placements to students learning a relevant T level. We are proud of our contribution so far, but have huge plans this year to increase our involvement.


Announcement from Tomas, our Director

This year, our involvement goes further. We will increase our investment in education locally in 2 ways. For the first involvement, we have an announcement to make!

Tomas will become a Governor for the Bucks College Group from the 30th April 2024. In a month, he will have a bigger part to play in the future of students in the local area.

He will be responsible, among the other governors, for ensuring the education and training the Colleges provide meets local skills needs. Tomas will use his professional and life experiences to determine the Colleges’ strategy for delivering the education and training.

Tomas says:

“I am honoured to accept my appointment to the Governing Board of Buckinghamshire College Group.

I am eager to learn and contribute my skills and perspectives to the board’s and, ultimately, students’ success. I look forward to meeting Martin Tugwell, Jenny Craig, Ian Harper, fellow governors, the leadership team and students in person soon”.

Tomas is a fellow member of the Royal Society of Art (FRSA). He has governing experience from a local grammar school. Tomas is inspired by the work of Sir Ken Robinson and his vision for education that inspires creativity, collaboration and social awareness.


Accessibility Training

The second way in which we will get more heavily involved in colleges and widen our offering to the local education, is to provide Accessibility workshops to students. Shah, our UX designer, has designed and tested interactive accessibility training. We’ve already had a go in-house, and it was not only educational, but fun!

The workshops will teach students the importance of making websites accessible to all. Acitvities such as identifying and writing quality alt text will improve awareness and skills in building accessible websites. We are excited for Shah to deliver these workshops and will share photos of her experience.


Supporting Colleges week as part of our Social responsibility

Colleges week was set up by the Association of Colleges to celebrate the contribution that colleges bring to local communities, but also to raise awareness of the challenges they face. We are very aware of the contribution colleges bring – providing great opportunites to students and enabling their futures. We are proud to be a part of these opportunities.

Part of social responsibility for us, is playing a role in supporting the education and development of future generations. We believe that colleges play a vital role in our community, and we are committed to working with them to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.

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Tomas presenting at Aylesbury College

Happy Colleges Week!

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