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HubSpot CRM & Beacon CRM

We offer two customer relationship management (CRM) systems. It depends on the type of organisation:
(01) HubSpot CRM for Commercial companies,
(02) Beacon CRM for Charities and non-profits.

Framework Digital is an approved HubSpot Solution Provider and Beacon Partner Agency.

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HubSpot for Business

There's a better way to grow your business

HubSpot’s CRM platform has all the tools you need for marketing, sales and customer service. 

See and analyse relations between sales figures, advertising costs, website traffic, and enquiries. Manage and oversee the sales pipeline, all customer data, meetings and communication.

Framework Digital is dedicated to helping businesses thrive using HubSpot’s CRM solutions. Invest in this digital asset and increase the company’s value and sales.

Find out more about HubSpot onboarding service.

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Our HubSpot and Beacon onboarding service includes system planning, setup and integrations. We will also take care of importing data, training users and post launch support.

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Beacon CRM for Charities

Transform how your charity works

We are partners with Beacon CRM UK – the top-rated customer relationship management system built especially for charities. 

Beacon system streamlines fundraising with donation forms and Gift Aid processing. One platform for selling tickets and managing donors and volunteers. It integrates with websites and accountancy software, and more.

Now, everything is in one place, connected, and GDPR compliant – ready for the team to log in remotely and work.

Frequently asked questions

Discover insights about HubSpot and Beacon CRM

Hubspot works best for commercial companies supporting sales teams. HubSpot is all about sales leads and closing deals.

Beacon is designed and built for non-profit organisations. its functionality is focused on donations, and managing grants, support cases and volunteers.

Both systems bring calm and efficiency in operation. Both are letting teams do more with less chaos. Both systems can become a significant digital asset for organisations.

It mainly depends on the size of an organisation. The starter-level subscription allows 3 users and  2000 contact records. It costs £30/month, paid directly to Beacon.

In addition to the monthly subscription paid directly to Beacon, we charge for one-off onboarding and training. 


Beacon does much more than just processing donations!

Beacon can store any data your organisation needs to manage: case management, grant application, volunteers and communications. It can be set to tracking unique activities like memorial benches – all covered in one database.

The basic CRM, which is actually very generous with available functionalities, is FREE.

The cost of paid modules mainly depends on the size of a company. The starter-level subscription allows 2 users and up to 1000 marketing contacts, which costs £41/month (Feb 2024), paid directly to HubSpot.

In addition to the monthly subscription, we charge for one-off system setup (HubSpot onboarding). In addition to onboarding and training, we offer ongoing support. 

Those who:

  • use a spreadsheet and sticky notes to manage sales,
  • keep the central database of client details on a single computer,
  • keep a stack of business cards with a vague plan to use them in the future,
  • can’t easily see and analyse relations between sales figures, advertising cost, website traffic, enquiries etc
  • want to reassure clients that their data is stored and processed with GDPR (general data protection) compliance,
  • are worried about what will happen if a sales representative leaves and how to pick up cases and carry on.

Simply book a meeting with us for a demo or, if you’ve done enough research already, ask for details and a quotation for onboarding, training and support. 

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