Web Design for Business

We don't just build websites, we build trust, and credibility.

Imagine customers arriving at your website, greeted by a visually stunning and intuitive web page that converts like magic. Sound enticing?

Forget outdated templates and cookie-cutter solutions. Our team craft bespoke websites tailored to your unique brand, target audience, and business goals.

lead generation and web design meeting at Framework Digital
Web design planning meeting at Framework's office with Salesmade team
Working with businesses

At Framework Digital, we partner with commercial clients to create high-performance websites that captivate, engage, and convert.

Think custom-made WordPress web design, built-in SEO, and enquiry forms – all wrapped in a visually stunning package that reflects your company values and offer.

We bring a wealth of experience – 10 years actually –  designing websites for businesses and making their resources worth the investment.

Socially responsible agency

We actively promote web accessibility and web design best practices following the latest SEO (search engine optimisation) requirements.

We use 100% renewable energy to power our hosting servers and contribute to the local community by offering work placements to T Level students.

Framework Digital can be your reliable and responsible ally in delivering web design for your business.


Building trust through experience

In today’s competitive market, a perfect online presence is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity.

It can be challenging for company directors to recognise which web design agency is worthy of trust.

Our extensive portfolio of successful commercial web design projects completed in the past ten years includes manufacturing companies, solicitors, medical professionals, B2B trades and established consultants.


Tailored services for business

Our commitment goes beyond templated websites. We are creating websites with additional modules that make your business operation more efficient. We see your website as a business asset that is worth investing in.

We enhance websites with integrated booking systems, conversion tracking, payment systems, enquiry forms, and more.

We create custom proposals instead of offering pre-made packages. Our web design proposals and quotations are created to suit your budget.

Website modules

Ensuring your company website goes beyond aesthetics, we provide additional web-based modules that extend website functionality.

We offer website-embedded enquiry forms to ensure a seamless sales process.

From simple, GDPR-compliant and secure forms to sophisticated systems with online calculators, payment, attachment and third-party integrations.

For many companies, offering demos, consultations, or event sessions can be the way to gather new leads or provide their service.

We can add a web-based module to manage bookings and sell tickets. 

Most businesses use external platforms to distribute their newsletters. The work is often doubled, as creating a newsletter and online posting are separate tasks on different platforms.

Our website-based newsletter module saves time and ongoing fees.

If your organisation’s revenue stream includes memberships, we have the perfect solution that automates the time-consuming tasks of renewals and member management. 

Many companies have their own tested systems that help them manage work. We helped many of our clients integrate their websites with these external systems. 

We can integrate websites with CRMs like HubSpot, Salesforce or Mailchimp and connect with analytics tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Tags.


Guiding through a web design project

Why choose Framework for business web design?

Partnership: We don’t talk exclusively about web design and technology; we focus on the commercial aspect of the project – we think about how what we do will get this client more enquiries and exposure.

Cost-effective: We will meet with you before creating proposals and learn about your needs. Our quotations include only what you need, with optional items to consider.

In-house expertise: Our qualified web designer works with a user-experience designer (UX) to ensure your website is technically sound and appealing to your audience.

Project management: Enjoy personalised support throughout your project with our dedicated project manager, who tracks progress and ensures the delivery on time and within the allocated budget.

Secure and lasting technology: We build custom WordPress websites using only tested and licensed components. We also host our client’s website, taking responsibility for its uninterrupted operation.

Support: You can become an independent web editor with little training and login details provided at the project handover meeting. Our team will be available when you need help editing your site or have an expansion in mind.


It is exciting for us to see the positive change our web design work makes for our clients.

The prospect of developing a new website filled us with dread. Trying to make decisions without a clear understanding of the implications meant it was difficult to decide the best way to proceed.

Framework Digital addressed all of our questions without the usual industry-specific jargon. Working with an expert that we could trust gave us the confidence to invest in a new site and follow a Google Ads campaign.

Ben Davies – Business Development Manager

Framework’s team have provided excellent service – starting with the re-creation of the website to bring it up to date, they then worked with us to enhance our profile and also provided a thoroughly professional blog service as well. I found Tomas’ approach to handling the vagaries of my requests to be efficient and effective and always ready to help out.

Carl Krüger – Oxford Quality Centre

Tomas and his team went above and beyond to ensure we received what was promised and I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.

Sean Kelly – CEO

Framework Digital’s technical work was excellent, but more importantly, the attitude was just great. Timings slipped on our side, yet they kept us on track and put in long (and unsociable) hours to get it exactly right and as close to the deadline as possible.

Julia Briggs – Accolade Wines

Friendly, dedicated professional team who have taken care of our website for some time and offer viable solutions to challenges. Reactive response time and just a lovely organisation to work with.

Gail Parkes – Senior Marketing Specialist

Thank you very much for sorting out the issue over in the US. I knew I could rely on you to respond promptly and sort out the issue in a timely manner. Your transparency and diligence are very much appreciated.

Jennifer Wakely – Marketing and Research

I found Framework Digital very professional and extremely helpful in their approach. I would recommend them to any organisation.

Danny Murphy – Marketing Manager

Tomas at Framework has made a difference in the performance of my website!
Regular reports, great pay-per-click results, and a mobile responsive website that actually works for us are all down to Frameworks’ attention to detail.
I would highly recommend!

Ross Batting – MD

Working closely and having regular meetings with Framework really opened our eyes up as to how in-depth the web design and adjoining elements could be. The feedback and analysis helped us to make decisions based on the outcomes required.

Ian Defriez – MD

Let's turn website visitors into loyal customers, together.

Let's begin the journey

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Pick the option ‘Commercial web design’.

Frequently asked questions

Discover insights into most commonly asked questions

We prefer not to use ready-made templates. We use modern web development tools that allow us to build completely custom websites.

We can offer a high-quality template for projects with limited budgets. However, in our eyes, user experience (UX), research, content planning and custom design are the most reliable steps for creating a contemporary website.

Yes, we are here to help. For 10 years, clients have consistently provided fantastic feedback about our domain, hosting, and website support. 

We can advise if your company has an emergency related to web hosting and domains. Call 01296 320820

Enthusiastically, yes! It is our mission to create websites that are accessible for as many people as possible.

We consider accessibility and mobile optimisation from the beginning of the process. 

We enthusiastically approach our social responsibility commitments. This brings joy and makes our team feel good about what we do.

You can find out more details on the Social Responsibility page.

We offer a collaborative approach to all our projects. We will work with you to create a proposal and realistic timeline, ensuring you are kept in the loop.

No two projects are the same, so the time required varies from 2 weeks to over 3 months.

Yes, we will hand over the website login details to you. Web  editors can easily edit existing pages and add new posts and pages.

Our friendly team provides training workshops. We also offer ad-hoc, pay-by-hour post launch support.

We developed a business-growth-centred offer for commercial companies. We call it a digital framework – it is a 1-year contract that includes the web design, Google campaign and HubSpot CRM onboarding.

We also host our client’s websites. 99% of our clients take our web hosting service.

Find out more about this contract on our ‘For business‘ page. 

Our main office is based at Buckinghamshire New University in Aylesbury. We also have a desk and meeting room at Shoreditch Exchange in London.

Please find out more about our team on the About Us page. 

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