Social Responsibility

We are supporting initiatives that promote education and young people's development.

We believe everyone deserves equal employment opportunities and access to life experiences.

Our social responsibility is not just a statement. We are donating time and funds to charities and initiatives on an ongoing basis.

We offer work placement to computer science and technology (T-Levels) students at Aylesbury College and internships for those keen to learn more about web design. 

t level students on placement
T Level students from Aylesbury College

Contributing to Net Zero

We are committed to environmental sustainability, reflected in our choice to use a 100% renewable-energy data centre to hold our servers. This data centre saves an incredible 45 million tonnes of CO2 annually and is 400% more capable than the competition when you hit a traffic spike.

Using shared utilities and energy-efficient equipment within the workspace contributes to a lower carbon footprint than traditional offices.

Being digital, we are an almost entirely paperless operation. We recycle and make environmentally conscious purchases whenever possible.

This website is hosted Green - checked by
Tomas rides his bike into work at Framework Digital

We work from a shared office space. Here at Bucks Hubs, we have a central location, making it easier for staff members to bike and walk to work wherever possible, and we offer home and hybrid working where the commute is too far.

Our charitable commitments 2023/24

We take great pride in our steadfast commitment to supporting the local community through charitable initiatives. Our philanthropic endeavors primarily focus on investments in local charities dedicated to education and community development.

Community Investor

Heart of Bucks 

We take social responsibility seriously and are proud to be a Community Investor for Heart of Bucks Community Foundation. We invest in a programme to provide hot lunches to children during the summer holidays.

Find out more about our partnership with Hearts of Bucks.

Logo for 'Heart of Bucks Community Investor 2024'

Charity Ambassador

Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research

We are ambassadors for Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research, which provides vital research for people with Spinal Injuries.

In addition to giving funds, we also fundraise with events such as Wheels at Work.

Stoke Mandeville Spinal Research 10 year logo

Personal and past charitable work

Our team members, with their own initiatives, are participating in fundraising campaigns and getting involved in charitable work.

Kayley is raising money for the London Marathon 2024. Catherine is leading a local litter-picking group. Becky is involved in the PTA, organising school fairs and fundraising campaigns.

Tomas is a school governor for a second term and has a long track record of getting involved in supporting local charities like Young Enterprise and Aylesbury Youth Action.

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