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Our digital framework for business clients

Our digital framework is the master plan for growth in which website, advertising and sales tools work together:

(01) web design
(02) advertising campaigns and
(03) sales tools. 

It is everything for us to see the change we are making for our clients. We feel proud to be a part of that transformation.

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How does it work?

Our individually created programmes help business owners and sales managers get connected with prospective clients who are searching online for products and services.

(01) A potential client is searching online for a service

(02) A carefully created Google Ads campaign brings that client to the website

(03) An enquiry is made on the website and recorded on the sales software (HubSpot) for the sales team to follow up. 

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Websites for Business

Framework Digital have published over 100 websites in the past 10 years with many repeat customers. We are so thankful to receive incredible feedback time and time again.

Our websites are built to custom designs, optimised to work with Google Ads campaigns and sales tools, such as enquiry forms.

Our in-house team includes web designers, developers and a project manager who oversees each stage.

We hand over the new website with training for clients, providing web hosting and support when required. 

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Advertising - Google Ads

We are Google Partners delivering optimised campaigns.

We continuously meet high-quality scores with our advertising campaigns, recognised by Google and appreciated by our clients. 

We create and manage Google Ads, enabling our clients to precisely target an agreed audience. We monitor and measure your speedy results.


Sales Tool - HubSpot

As a Hubspot Solution Provider, we can confidently offer this sales tool to our clients. HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform (CRM) that integrates business communications, online advertising, and sales processes.

We offer HubSpot to our business customers – log in to see and manage sales pipelines, enquiries, emails, campaigns and analytics in one place.

Our services

We’re committed to helping organisations use digital technologies. Digital services should be easy to use and accessible to everyone.

Frequently asked questions
Discover insights into most commonly asked question

We offer a collaborative approach to all our projects. We will work with you to create a proposal and realistic timeline, ensuring you are kept in the loop.

No two projects are the same, so the time required varies from 2 weeks to over 2 months.

Yes, we will provide a website login for you. Website admins and editors can easily edit existing pages and add new posts and pages, for example.

Our friendly team provides training workshops to make sure your users behind and in front of the scenes have easy access.

We work with clients who advertise their services locally, to a population of a city or county.  In this case Google Ads budgets start from £800/month. For clients who offer their products or service nationwide or internationally, the average budget will be at least 2 times higher.

The minimum required budget for Google Ads campaign depends significantly on the level of competition on the market. 

That’s no problem. We’re here to collaborate with you.

For example, if you already have a new website, we can start a Google Ads campaign and connect it to the HubSpot system for you.

However, it often takes some extra cooperation to achieve the best results. We prefer to have everything under one roof, but equally, we’re committed to helping where we can. 

Good news! A fully functional, basic level of HubSpot CRM is available free of charge. Your HubSpot account can be updated to paid versions, with more functionality, if or when required.

Even the basic level can be great for a small sales team managing £500k/year in orders.

We offer a collaborative approach to singular projects, but we also have contracts in place for returning customers.

A 1 year contract can include a new website design and development, 12 months of advertising campaign (including budget), HubSpot onboarding and quarterly meetings. That annual cost can be split into setup costs + 12 monthly payments.

We offer customised contracts too. Get in touch to see what arrangement works for you.

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