Unlocking the Power of Hassle-Free Newsletters for Charities: Say Goodbye to Mailchimp’s Limitations

Are you a charity that was enjoying access to MailChimp, only to be suddenly charged for this service? As of March 2023, Mailchimp, one of the leading platforms for email campaigns, has undergone significant changes to it's free plan, leaving many users in search of a more flexible and cost-effective solution. 
Mailchimp to newsletter plugin

Mailchimp’s Changes: Navigating the New Limits

Starting in March 2023, Mailchimp’s free plan was restricted to 500 contacts and 1,000 monthly sends, with a daily cap of 500 sends. For users who had a free plan prior to May 2019, they retain their Legacy Free plans, which offer more generous limits. However, for the rest, free now means 500 contacts or opting for paid subscription plans.

We work with a lot of local charities, and we know money needs to be best spent on helping those the charity was set up for in the first place. A lot of our clients have found themselves in a situation where they are seeking an alternative to meet their email marketing needs.


The Newsletter Plugin: The Road to Seamless Newsletters

We proudly present our alternative – The Newsletter Plugin, a powerful WordPress integration designed to make your email marketing experience not only hassle-free but also cost-effective.

We can offer a GDPR-compliant WordPress plugin to allow you to seamlessly send out your emails from your website admin area. Just like adding a shopping cart or event management to your website, you can have all of your online tools in one place.

Whether it’s a newsletter notifying fundraisers of the amazing things their money has raised or an offer on your Christmas card stock – we want to help you reach your subscribers in a cost-effective manner.


Key Benefits

Low Annual Cost: With The Newsletter Plugin, enjoy a low annual cost that fits your budget, allowing you to allocate resources where they matter most.

10,000 Records: We understand that your audience is diverse and ever-growing. With our plugin, you can manage up to 10,000 records without compromising on performance.

Unlimited Monthly Sends: No more worrying about hitting a ceiling on your monthly sends. The Newsletter Plugin empowers you with unlimited monthly sends, ensuring your message reaches every corner of your audience.

WordPress Integration: Seamlessly integrate our plugin with your WordPress website. Convert your engaging blog posts into captivating newsletters with just a few clicks.

Versatile Templates: Choose from a variety of professionally designed newsletter templates, making it easy to create visually stunning and effective email campaigns.

Audience Segment Management: Tailor your messages to specific audience segments. The Newsletter Plugin simplifies audience management, allowing you to send personalised content that resonates with your readers.

Add-ons: Elevate your email marketing game with optional add-ons including Google Analytics tracking, Events, Payments, and Woocommerce integration. Customise your strategy based on your unique organisation’s needs.

Comprehensive Reports and Export Options: Gain valuable insights into your campaigns with detailed reports. Export data in CSV format for further analysis and strategic decision-making.


Making the Switch

Ready to take control of your email marketing future? Making the switch from Mailchimp to The Newsletter Plugin is straightforward. We can ensure a smooth transition; Mike, Tomas and Becky are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Invest in a newsletter solution that grows with you. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a future of effective, efficient, and engaging email marketing. Get in touch with us for quote today on 01296 769369 or book a meeting with Mike – see below.

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