Accessibility Statement

Framework Digital website follows Accessibility Coding Standards embedded in WordPress code and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at level AA


WCAG is a set of rules and best practices developed and governed by W3C Website Accessibility Standards. These design principles ensure that content is widely available to all internet users.


In more details, WCAG was created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). These guidelines ensure that people with disabilities can use the web. The current WCAG standards for WordPress are version 2 and AA refers to the level of accessibility reached.

Level A is the most basic standard, while Level AA is used as a reference for a legal standard in many countries worldwide. Level AAA is most commonly only addressed for special dedicated software.

We are committed to making it easy for all visitors to access and use our website. Three ways in which we achieve this are:

  • Using code that is compatible with assisted technologies
  • Including clear labels, titles and descriptions to aid navigation and understanding
  • Ensuring the content remains readable and interactive when increased by 300%

We use an independent tool – to evaluate this website. This highlights accessibility issues and helps us to maintain good practice standards.

The last evaluation was carried out in September 2023. This identified the following issues:

  • some elements may obstruct text on some devices,
  • some browsers may display the incorrect font that may negatively affect the legibility.

We are progressing with resolving these issues. Our next website iteration is going to be fully accessible.

If you experience any difficulties with accessing our site, please contact us to report the issue on or 01296 320820.

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