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Heart-Centred Leaders is a consultancy for charities. This website promotes and sells leadership courses. We created a simple booking system with online payment and member-only access to learning resources on their website.
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The Client 

Heart-centred leaders was founded by a former CEO of a youth charity, Fran. After graduating from Law, Fran worked for a range of charities and supported people in difficult situations, from homelessness to mental health. Fran recognised there was a lack of support for leaders, particularly in the charity sector. Many leaders needed support on how to acquire funding, building a staff team and effectively strategizing with the Board on Governance. 


Fran specialises in leadership coaching and is a team facilitator. She shares a vast amount of her first-hand knowledge of leadership through training and courses online, most suited for leaders in non-profit organisations. 


When Fran approached Framework Digital, she requested an up-to-date website. The previous platform lacked uniformity, visual appeal and a clear content structure.  



Project Brief 

Heart-centred leadership wanted to showcase their coaching services, participation in conferences and courses for professionals in leadership and management.   


While Fran selected the primary brand colour, other branding concepts had to be identified. Furthermore, newly added courses running for 12 weeks needed a place to be displayed. Framework Digital recognised this project needed branding, design and development.    


The aim was to increase conversion rates on the number of users signing up for a leadership course. 


To make the website functional, engaging and informative landing pages were required, a booking system and a secure payment solution.  To create a separate point of entry for those who had signed up for the course, member-only pages were needed to display course materials. 


Our Solution 

Framework Digital paired Heart-centred primary colour with complimentary colours from the colour wheel. We established consistent typography and content layout throughout the website. 


We also utilised the images provided by Fran on relevant landing pages to give the website a personality that reflected Fran’s mission. 


To increase lead generation, for booking a course, we placed a call-to-action (CTA) button distinctively using the brand colour on the header. This header can be accessed across the website. 


We explored customer experience and used trusted platforms. We built their website with relevant functionalities, such as a booking platform with PayPal integration to automate the process of signing up for training. This is a valuable way to improve customer experience and administrative efficiency in a small business. 


For users who have already joined a course, separate members-only pages enabled users to keep track of their learning and progress on the platform. 


While copy content was provided, our copywriter was able to further optimise it to engage new users. We provided content planning in our designs, easy-to-use main navigation and strategic marketing for presenting promotional content. 



The Results   

Fran was pleased with the redesign solutions, two-point member access and content planning. Additionally, functionalities within the website allowed Fran to successfully execute her goal of sharing knowledge with thousands of leaders, while observing a return on investment (ROI). 


Along with redesigning their website, Framework Digital also had the honour to host Heart-centred leaders’ first launch. 


Fran’s trust in our work allows us to continue supporting her on this journey, whereby Framework continues to provide maintenance and hosting for this website. 


You can visit Action for A-T  by clicking the link below. 



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