Sight Surgery

Sight Surgery is a new eye surgery in Milton Keynes. The website promotes medical procedures and surgeons. We offered full service that includes photo sessions, copywriting, domain name booking and web hosting.
Sight surgery web design

The Client

Sight Surgery, founded by two highly-skilled medical professionals, was a new business in Milton Keynes looking to build an online presence. After viewing work completed for another medical professional, Mike Tyler, they pursued our services with full-scaled trust and commitment.

The client needed a website to showcase their work and professional credibility in the field of Ophthalmology. More so, they wanted to present key information in a clear and concise way to engage their users.



Project Brief

Impressed by our previous work, these busy doctors gave us the full conviction to design and develop their branding, website, hosting and booking system. They also needed assistance with purchasing a domain name, setting up their commercial emails, establishing their copy and image assets.

The aim of the website was to create lead generation, inform users about medical procedures, such as laser eye surgery, enable users to make enquiries through contact forms and book consultation appointments.



Our Solution

User-centric design was essential to bridge the communication between Sight Surgery and website users. First, we established the message Sight Surgery aimed to share with their users, which our copy writer carefully drafted. She collected this information by interviewing the medical professionals, ensuring jargon and medical concepts were clearly communicated to target non-professionals and a general audience.

Later on, copy content was used across the board; on their website, printed content and marketing materials.

Image assets were attained through a purposeful lens. Our photographer, Andy, was briefed to capture professional images on-site, at the surgery.

Focusing on user-centric designs, we built a responsive website to create a seamless experience from mobile to desktop.



The Results

Sight Surgery was pleased with their positive experience collaborating with our team and proud of their new website. At digital framework, we felt this was an incredibly rewarding project as we were able to support a new business build their online presence.  The purposeful images, adaptation of copy content for non-professionals and mobile responsiveness aimed to engage new users and create lead generation.

Furthermore, as a result of Sight Surgery’s full conviction in our delivery of concepts, this project was delivered within 8 weeks.


You can visit Sight Surgery  by clicking the link below.



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