Hope After Harm – Website Rebrand

We rebranded the Thames Valley Partnership website into the Hope After Harm website. Instead of building a new website, we used their new branding and reskinned the old website. That has dramatically reduced the cost of rebranding.
Hope After Harm

The Client  

Hope After Harm is one of our charity clients – previously known as Thames Valley Partnership (TVP). TVP has rebranded after 30 years. They wanted to reflect the expansion of its services far beyond Thames Valley. Hope After Harm now provides services for people affected by the Criminal Justice System nationally.  

TVP decided to change the organisation’s name, logo, branding and domain name. The board and management team wanted to reflect the new mission, values, and area of operation. 

We previously made a website for Thames Valley Partnership in 2017. We amalgamated many separate service websites, into one Thames Valley Partnership website. This reflected all services were now owned and managed by TVP. The content was updated to reflect the services now offered under one name.  

We used the content from this streamlined TVP website in the new project – Hope After Harm. This removed the cost of hosting many websites and managing many platforms.  


The Brief 

Thames Valley Partnership requested help with rebranding. The new branding includes the following new elements: 

  • New name – Hope After Harm 
  • New logo 
  • Organisation’s new values 
  • New colour pallet and font 
  • New domain name 

Hope After Harm needed a seamless transition to a new website showing their new branding. We cooperated with the designers on how the new branding would be applied to the new website.

The entire website was to reflect the new branding using the renewed content.  


 The Solution  

We suggested cloning the existing TVP website. We wanted to preserve the content instead of rebuilding the whole website. We saved content including pages, page structure and blog posts. Our client had spent significant time amalgamating their content in 2017. The website content was still relevant and worth preserving in most parts. 

The approach reduced time and cost by picking up the website and applying the new branding to this content. This included using the new logo, values, colours, and domain name. Only a few pages (for example, About Us) needed to be renewed. 

Using our rebranding experience, we ensured the Google search ranking was not affected. TVP built a Google ranking position over 10 years. During the switch to the new domain name, Hope After Harm, no links were lost. This crucial process redirects any old page to the relevant page on the Hope After Harm website. We coordinated with the IT department on domain name management. We ensured continuity of service and a smooth switch between the old and new websites. We also helped transfer related services like Google Analytics.  

Click here to visit the new Hope After Harm rebranded website.


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