Why WordPress Is The Top Pick For a Charity Website

What is WordPress? How does it work? What are the benefits of using it for a charity website? Find out in this article.
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Let us introduce you to WordPress To Build a Charity Website

Have you been considering WordPress for your charity website, but not quite sure what is and how it works? Well, this article is for you. We will be covering what WordPress is, how it works and the benefits of using this open-source platform for your charity website.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source software that helps with building and managing a website. It was created by developers named Matt Mullenweg (US) and Mike Little (UK) over 20 years ago, with their main goal being to create a software that will enable anyone to start a website without technical knowledge and for free!

WordPress was originally used for blogging however it now provides the opportunity to build all different types of websites such as websites for non-profits, e-commerce, business pages, online forums and more.

If you search online for WordPress, what you see can be confusing because you will find:

A screenshot of a web browser with wordpress.com in the url. Below shows a snippet from the navigation of the website.
A screenshot of a web browser with wordpress.org in the url. Below shows a snippet from the navigation of the website.

wordpress.com – commercial site where individuals can build and host WordPress sites – it works like Wix, Shopify or Squarespace.

wordpress.org – non-profit where you can download free of charge WordPress software from but without a hosting server you can’t do much with it.

WordPress is a popular software for charities. As of 2023, 60% of charity websites in the UK were built using WordPress with its popularity coming from flexibility, through design and functionality combined with its ease of use for website admins.

How Does WordPress Work?

WordPress is free for anyone to use and create a website. However, users will need to pay for web hosting so people can access your website online. They will also need to pay for a domain name, plugins or even premium themes.

The basics of what allows WordPress to be flexible is based around themes and plug-ins. Themes help you to design your website and there are over 12,000 themes available to use. They allow you to customise the display and appearance. You can also custom build a website to fit your exact needs with a Web Developers help.

Plug-ins are modules that can be integrated into your website to extend its functionality. There are over 60,000 of these available so the possibilities are endless when it comes to building your ideal website. Plug-ins come in a huge variety. For example, they can help you with donations, payment processing, contact forms and so much more. While there are many free plugins in the directory, not all of them are free and the prices vary depending on what you need, so it’s best to do your research or get advice before choosing which plugins to use.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

Flexibility & Room for Growth – It’s fully customisable with a directory of plug-ins and themes available, you can even build your website from scratch with the help of a Web Developer! This means you can tailor your website to suit exactly what you need without restrictions. For Charity websites this can be through donations, taking event bookings and selling tickets.

Beginner Friendly – A reason why it’s so popular is because it’s easy to use. Once you understand the basics you will be able to manage your own website with no trouble!

Cost Effective – Some website builders such as Wix and Squarespace have a monthly fee for set features, however with WordPress you can fully customise your website using plugins and themes while paying a monthly hosting fee. Plug-ins can be free or paid so it gives you complete control on how much you spend on your website.

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