Chiltern Neuro Centre – Website Rebrand

Chiltern MS Centre was a well-known charity in Buckinghamshire. After the lockdown, they expanded their offer beyond MS support. The old name didn't fit the new purpose. We rebranded their website to Chiltern Neuro Centre. All at a fraction of the cost of a new website.
rebranded website for Chiltern Neuro Centre

The Client

Chiltern Neuro Centre has been a longstanding client. Initially called Chiltern MS Centre, the charity supported individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. The website was ranking organically on the first page of Google, for key words such as Multiple Sclerosis, MS treatments and MS support.

They expanded their services to encompass Parkinson’s and stroke survivors. For example, they now had an oxygen tank for oxygen treatments and a swimming pool for hydrotherapy. This prompted a rebrand to include their new services. It also necessitated a domain name change.

The Brief

Chiltern MS Centre changed their name and had a new logo, colour palette, and domain name. We suggested a website rebrand – picking up their existing website, and applying the new branding. This would dramatically reduce the cost of building a new website. 

As the website would be switching domains due to the new name, maintaining organic Google ranking was crucial. We needed to ensure we kept the same level of high functionality and aesthetics with a smooth switch.

The Solution

We reflected the new branding in the new website design. We created the design incorporating their most up-to-date services. We took the time to alter some of the page content to better reflect the new design.

We followed our procedures to preserve the organic Google ranking. We ensured the website was consistently available during the switch. We also transferred services such as Google Analytics and the newsletter sign up.

Collaboration is important to us. We worked together with Chiltern’s designer and IT team to ensure a smooth project.

The Result

The rebranded Chiltern Neuro Centre website encapsulates the new branding and services. The website maintains its informative and accessible nature. Functionality such as News and events and donation transactions, were preserved.

Visit the Chiltern Neuro Centre rebranded website here.

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