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LAM Action is a charity that provides valuable support to those affected by a condition called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). This project aimed to raise awareness, educate professionals with current information and fundraise for medical research.
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The Client 

LAM Action is a charity that provides valuable support to those affected by a condition called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). LAM is a disease that exclusively affects women charactered by characterised by difficulty breathing, unwanted fluid in their bodies and kidney tumours.  


While a drug called sirolimus can help elevate some of the symptoms of LAM, a cure has not yet been discovered for this disease.  


This charity aims to support LAM patients and their families, fundraise for medical research and educate health care professionals with current information on this condition.  


Although LAM Action is an independent charity, they work closely with the medical and research staff at the NHS National Centre for LAM.  



Project Brief 

LAM Action aims to share information, raise awareness and increase funding support. They needed a website that could be accessed across a range of mobile devices, encourage easy readability of content presented and publish a library of resources for users to access.  

One priority for LAM action was improving the navigation for a better user experience. It was paramount that users could find the information and support that they needed online, without effort.  

In addition, it was important for the management system to be simple and easy to use for staff at LAM Action so they could keep content up-to-date and relevant.   



Our Solution 

For optimised accessibility, we created the website on a responsive engine. Users could access the content across a wide range of devices, from desktop to mobile phones.  

To encourage easy readability of text, we placed important copy in frames and separated topics within a page using accordions.  While doing so, we adopted the brand colours and typography to create visual appeal and consistency throughout the website. 

While the LAM Action team provided images, we supported them on website layout and organised the images to help tell a story for enhanced user experience on the home page.  

We opted for a clean design with user calls to action in the header, for donations and becoming a member. We used a simple but effective main navigation, whereby the user tailored the navigation to their needs as they experienced the page. For instance, our News page had on-page navigation to help continue the ease of navigation as the user searched for the article they needed. Also, across the website we embedded a search feature for users who needed instant results.   

It was important for LAM action to showcase their work in the community as well as encouraging users to take part on their vision to help treat LAM. For this, we dedicated a ‘Get involved’ page and added this onto the main navigation.  



The Results 

It was a pleasure to work with LAM Action on their redesigned website. Since publishing in 2017, we continue to maintain and host this website on our eco-sustainable platform. 


You can visit LAM Action by clicking the link below.



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