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Essex Film Office, a newly established film office for Essex, needed a website to promote the county's unique location as desirable filming spots. This is our second film office website build this year.
Essex film office new website

The Client

Essex Film Office, a newly established film office for Essex, serves as the primary point of contact for filming, productions, residents, and students. This film office website was set up to inform filmmakers and residents and promote filming productions in Essex. Acting as a central hub, the office aims to facilitate communication between filmmakers, local authorities, and the general public. The client sought an online information service to efficiently direct filming enquiries and promote Essex as a desirable location for film productions.


Project Brief

The client desired a user-friendly platform. The project brief included the creation of a website serving as a one-stop-shop for productions, providing access to location databases and points of contact. The website is intended to showcase filming locations in Essex, direct to third-party platforms to register interest, add locations, create opportunities for local businesses offering services to filming crews, and inform residents about filming that may limit road access.


The Solution

Framework Digital crafted a solution that went beyond the initial brief. The website was designed as a dynamic brochure for tourism in Essex, creating a source of pride for residents and a powerful showcase for the Essex Film Office. The platform evolved into an information hub for the people of Essex, featuring modern aesthetics, large images in multiple galleries, and a responsive design. The website also meets accessibility standards. This is the second film office website we have built this year – the first being the Bucks Film Office. 


The Result

Maintaining regular communication with the Essex Film Office, Framework Digital delivered a modern, responsive website that surpassed the original brief. The platform now serves as a dynamic showcase, not only for filmmakers but also for the general public. Large, captivating images in multiple galleries contribute to an engaging user experience, and the website has successfully evolved into a valuable resource for enquiries from residents and filmmakers.

The website features large, high-resolution images, galleries, and a modern, minimalistic design. We cooperated with the council’s IT department on its launch. We also provide web hosting service, staff and web admin training, and post-launch support.

The project’s success lies in its ability to balance the needs of the film industry to create an informative and visually appealing platform for the people of Essex.


essex film office home page design mockup
Initial web design mockup March 2023

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