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Foster Kemp is an estate agent and property management company in Aylesbury. We implemented property management system with booking system, and custom made forms with online payments to streamline repetitive admin procedures. This is the third web design project for Richard Foster.
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The Client 

Foster Kemp, founded in 1985, is an estate agency in Aylesbury. Since then, the business has grown significantly from taking on individual rentals to large units of rentals in a building complex. Now the business is primarily operating as a Business-to-Business (B2B) service, whereby property management is offered to local authorities and private clients. 


Becoming acquainted after leasing a space from Foster Kemp, this well-established estate agency approached our design and development team to revamp their websites. Over two years, we built three websites for Richard Foster, who is the managing director.   


One of these websites was Foster Kemp’s estate agency. The aim of this online platform was to enable users to find relevant information through advanced filtering of properties, car park space and other relevant materials. We provided branding, hosting, website design and development. 



Project Brief 

Foster Kemp wanted to establish a strong, leading brand image for their estate agency in Aylesbury. The business aim was to attract commercial and property management contracts, alongside their flourishing business of individual rentals.  


At Framework Digital, we collaborated with Foster Kemp to identify the needs for the website. As an estate agency, the website requires advanced filtering options on properties to be made based on personal requests by the user, such as: 

  • Number of toilets 
  • Whether there was a garden or not 
  • Stairs 
  • Accessibility on a property 


For large volumes of public interest regarding car parking or property management, Foster Kemp needed a website to automate repetitive, administrative tasks.   


The website needed simple forms and easy-to-use payment methods to independently carry out tasks, such as purchasing policy documents or managing parking fees for residents, online. 



Our Solution 

To create a strong, rich brand image, the primary colour used on the website, adopted a rich, dark-blue that was complimented with a gold-yellow accent colour. To improve navigation, call-to-action (CTA) buttons were presented in this accent colour. 


We also offered a photography session to capture Richard Foster, as the face of the company, who represented years of experience in property management and rentals. 


To implement an advanced filtering system, we categorised properties based on the labels provided by Foster Kemp to distinguish each property. Furthermore, this functionality of advanced filtering options enhances the user experience by tailoring each search to user input.  


To optimise the website further and support our client efficiently manage their time, we created a booking system, embedded in-page contact forms, enabled purchasing of products and services and streamlined repetitive business procedures. 



The Results 

Foster Kemp was pleased with the redesign solutions, photography services and website layout, which represented the current branding he wished to communicate with his target audience.  Additionally, automation of business procedures brought the website up-to-date with current trends to minimise administrative tasks and maximise efficiency within the Foster Kemp team. 


Their trust in our work has established an ongoing, friendly relationship, whereby Framework Digital continues to offer maintenance and hosting for this website. 


You can visit Foster Kemp  by clicking the link below. 



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