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A London-based charity, Action A-T was set on a mission to provide support to families affected by a medical condition called Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), a childhood disease. The project aimed to raise awareness, inform and raise funding to support research.
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The Client 

Action for A-T is a charity, established in 2012, that provides support and funding for medical research to help those affected by Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T). A-T , identified in children, is a neurological disorder that affects motor movement and speech. To help tackle the disabling effects of A-T, this charity is dedicated to fundraise for medical research that hopes to find a solution to eradicate A-T.  


Based in London, A-T not only focus on research but, also support for families by raising awareness of the symptoms of A-T so it could be identified and addressed earlier.  Framework Digital was recommended following our work on a TedEx, a talk show, in 2015.



Project Brief  

Action for A-T needed a website to share current information and create a personalised user-experience through a purposeful navigation based on user needs. 


It was important for users affected by A-T to find stories and symptoms of A-T, and for those interested in supporting the research to easily find donation forms.  While for professionals, it was important to easily access up-to-date medical research conducted in the field of A-T.  


For a holistic experience, Action A-T needed their website to be current and showcase their wider work in the community, such as, hosting fundraising events that everyone could join.  



Our Solution 

Using their branding, we created a clear and intuitive menu structure for easy navigation. More so, we organised an enormous catalogue of documents and articles published on A-T.  


For increased accessibility, we integrated an interactive animation to display possible symptoms of A-T that would become responsive as the user hovers over certain parts.  


To increase conversion rates and allow the donation process to be seamless, we placed this button distinctively, before scroll, on the home page. More so, we used branding to highlight it as a call-to-action (CTA) button, increasing the opportunity to make it more visible.  


A challenge faced by our team was integrating a 3rd party management service for their donations and event bookings. We tackled this effectively by collaborating with Action for A-T and integrating this service through our innovative website designs.  For example, event bookings were handled through a calendar feature on the website, however, on the backend, a separate secure-system collected this data.  


Action for A-T provided us with image assets and content to include on their website . Using this, we helped create crucial pages such as News, Events, Latest Research and Fundraising stories, all of which intended to create a dynamic online presence. We also supported them with API integration, content planning and drafting their blog page. 


To further support Action for A-T , we provided them with WordPress Admin training so they could independently update the content on their website, keeping it current and relevant.  



The Results 

Action for A-T was pleased with the design of their website, visual appeal and content planning. Our positive relationship with their team in London continues to grow as we host, maintain and offer our support when needed.   

You can visit Action for A-T  by clicking the link below.



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