Work Experience Diaries With Adeeba

Adeeba shares what she got up to in her 3 days of work experience here at Framework with her thoughts and key takeaways from the opportunity.
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Adeeba joined Framework for 3 days to carry out work experience. Adeeba is an A-Level student at Aylesbury High School studying, Business, Computer science and Physics. She approached Framework in hope to get insight into the industry and gain valuable experience to work towards her goal of getting an apprenticeship after her studies.

Read about Adeeba’s experience in her own words with insight into her highlights of the experience.

Adeeba's Experience

As a student, navigating the world of work can often be both confusing and challenging. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience at Framework Digital, a web design and digital services company.

During my time, I learned valuable skills and gained insights into the industry. In the future I hope to pursue an apprenticeship in the digital and business sector, and this experience has been invaluable towards achieving that goal. Below is a detailed look into my time at Framework Digital.

Day 1: Introduction and Shadowing

On my first day at Framework, I was welcomed by the lovely team, and I met Amy, Mike and Tomas. We began the day with a 10 AM Monday meeting led by Mike, where the team reflected on their achievements and shared weekend wins, which I think is a great way to start the week. They also discussed their objectives for the upcoming week based around projects. This meeting offered me a glimpse into how the team operates, by breaking down tasks and discussing them collectively.

After the meeting, I shadowed Mike who is the Project Manager, where he introduced me to his client work. It included sending invoices and managing Google Ads to get this information. This session was incredibly insightful as I learnt the importance of reviewing and measuring ad progress. Later, I shadowed Tomas, who explained web analytics and the importance of data in gathering information. Following that, I worked with Amy, who an apprentice at Framework running the social media and communications as well as Google Advertising. She taught me about digital marketing and media management. Amy also shared her apprenticeship experience, giving me valuable knowledge into potential opportunities.

Day 2: Competitor Analysis Task

On the second day, I was tasked with completing a competitor analysis. This involved researching local and national competitors, providing Framework with valuable insights. The exercise enhanced my analytical skills, helping me break down complex topics into manageable and understandable components. Additionally, it broadened my understanding of the digital services industry from a different perspective.

Day 3: Web Development Insight and Presentation

On the final day we focused on web development. Tomas introduced me to the basics, explaining a current project and the web hosting solutions they use which was very interesting. Later, I had the opportunity to present my competitor analysis findings. This presentation allowed me to refine my presentation skills and receive valuable feedback and engaging questions from the team.

Let’s Find Out Adeeba’s Thoughts On The Experience...

What Did You Enjoy The Most About The Work Experience?

One of the aspects I enjoyed the most about my time at Framework was shadowing different team members. This allowed me to see various roles in action. I particularly enjoyed learning about web analytics and digital marketing. The tasks, such as the competitor analysis and presenting my findings, were both challenging and rewarding, giving me a real understanding of the industry.

What Will You Takeaway With You?

The most valuable takeaway from my experience at Framework was gaining practical skills in digital marketing, web analytics, and competitor analysis, which are applicable to my future aspirations. Additionally, the experience highlighted the significance of breaking down complex tasks into manageable parts, a skill that will benefit me in both academic and professional settings. This experience has not only expanded my knowledge of the digital services industry but also inspired me consider different career options.

How Did You Find The Overall Experience?

My time at Framework was enriching and offered me insights into the digital world of work and potential career paths. I enjoyed shadowing various team members and understanding how each role contributes to the company’s success. The tasks I was assigned were practical and applicable to real-world scenarios, making the experience even more valuable.
I am incredibly grateful to the team at Framework for welcoming me and providing such a great learning experience. For anyone seeking to learn about the digital services industry or looking for assistance, I highly recommend Framework!

"It was pleasure to have Adeeba here at Framework for these 3 days. Adeeba was engaged throughout, listening, taking notes and asking questions that show genuine interest in our work. She was also working unsupervised on the competitors analysis report. On her last day, Adeeba presented her research to the team. Hosting Adeeba's work placement, was the highlight of that week for us."
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