Web accessibility workshop for charities

Join our online, interactive workshop to ensure your staff have the skills and knowledge to make your website meet government accessibility standards.
Happy, female, Asian colleagues work together. One is standing next to a blind colleague sitting at a desk, using a braille keyboard and web accessibility tools to access her computer.

Does your charity website meet government accessibility requirements?

Join our free online workshop to ensure you and your staff have the skills to make your website accessible to your users. Our workshop will include interactive tasks including virtual whiteboards, promoting hands-on learning of the web accessibility essentials. Gain practical skills with useful accessibility tools equipping you with the knowledge to make your website and its content more inclusive.

Free, online, interactive workshop for charities

Location: Online
Date: Wednesday 17th April
Time: 10:30
Duration: Approximately 2 hours with a refresher break of 10minutes in between.
Places: 10


We are thrilled to announce our first online web accessibility workshop for charities. Our interactive workshop will highlight the different factors that affect website accessibility. Join online to learn how you can make your website and content more inclusive.

This workshop will include interactive activities and tools to achieve an understanding of:

  • What accessibility is
  • Accessibility in the context of web design
  • What tools you can use to assess how accessible your website is
  • How to spot inclusive design
  • Tips on how to improve your content and how to reach more users

Our objective is to teach you how to improve your website through good practice. There will be opportunities to ask questions that will help apply the learning to your organisation specifically. You can then use your new skills on your website and communications to ensure they meet accessibility standards.



Shah our in-house UX designer, has a degree in Psychology and a Post-grad in Education, plus extensive experience embedding UX solutions. Shah understands user needs like no other. Her research, data and previous role as a teacher will make for an interesting, interactive course. Shah will provide a solid introduction to accessibility and why organisations should learn more about this important topic.


Who should book on:

  • Charity leaders and management
  • Trustees
  • Social media managers
  • Web editors

If you have any questions, please do ask. If you can’t attend on this day, please forward this link to someone who may benefit from attending.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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