Why Page Loading Speed Matters?

Do you get frustrated when a website is slow to load?

Do you get frustrated when a website is slow to load? Most likely, we’ve all become used to receiving information in an instant. If we have to wait, what do we do? On some occasions, we might wait, but more often we click onto another website.

The slow loading website may have been beautifully designed and may have shared the information we were looking for. It might have had a shop with the exact item we want to purchase, but we will never know. With so many online competitors, it’s easy to find another option.
I hope this helps you to understand why the loading speed of your web pages is important. In addition to the user experience, the loading speed impacts on other factors including:


People are more likely to convert on a faster loading page, but there’s more to it than that. Google considers Page Speed to be a key component of the landing page experience. That means Page Speed can help lower your advertising costs.

Organic Rank:

Page Speed is an important Google search ranking factor. If two sites have equal authority and relevance, loading speed may be the deciding factor that results in one being ranked above the other.

Framework Digital offers loading speed testing as part of our website hosting and analytic report service. This provides details on all aspects of your websites and how to make improvements where they are deemed necessary. Contact us for further information.

For a quick insight into your website loading speed, there are many online tools that can be accessed without charge. As an example, you can test it out here:

If your website’s loading time is under 3 seconds or 65 and more in Google Test that usually can be considered as acceptable.

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