What is CRM Onboarding?

What is CRM Onboarding and why is it important to get it right? HubSpot CRM onboarding service.
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What is onboarding, and why is it essential to get it right.

This article describes the principles and steps to complete a successful CRM onboarding process. That will allow organisations and their sales, marketing and support staff to fully benefit from the automation of the central CRM system. We specialise in HubSpot CRM onboarding as their Solution Provider.

Once you have decided that CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) will help you run your business more efficiently, choosing the right CRM to meet your business needs is no easy task. The number of CRM systems is overwhelming, lists of functionalities can be difficult to compare and pricing is usually far from straightforward.



You have to consider:

  • What you want the CRM to do. Examples of which may be:
    • Creating a sales or service process
    • Gather and follow up sales leads
    • Communicate with groups of clients or leads
    • Centralise emails, calendars, and tasks
    • Manage a sales team
    • Manage advertising campaigns
    • Storing and managing business contacts
    • Ensuring clients data is GDPR compliant

Your business may need your CRM to do 1, multiple or all these things. And for each of these functionalities, there is a process required to set them up to match what your business needs.



Then there is the cost.

  • Do you use a free trial for a paid solution?
  • Do you find one that has a free to use entry level?
  • Do you jump into a paid solution?
  • If so, at what level should you pay for?
  • Does the CRM solution you are considering have 1 payment option or does it have the option to pick and choose which module you would use?

Implementing a CRM system on an SME level can be an investment of £300 per year or £30.000.


Team Access

Next, you may need to consider:

  • Which team members will be using the CRM:
    • Will it be 1 team member or leader with an overall view of everything?
    • Will you have individuals who will have access to everything?
    • Will you have individuals who will only have access to the areas that are relevant to their role?
    • Will you have a team with different roles within (access, supervisor etc)?

Ensuring the right team member has the right access to the right elements in your CRM can ensure a seamless process instead of a potentially clunky internal procedure, so getting the profiles set to exactly what your business requires is essential.


GDPR Compliance

Also, something every business needs to explore:

  • Ensure the data used is GDPR Compliant and show you can:
    • Show you are reaching out to prospects or customers for the right reasons
    • Easily be able to act upon customers wishes around marketing
    • Present your GDPR permissions, terms and conditions for your CRM and any linked websites or programmes

GDPR permissions are essential for the legitimacy of any business and are required to show that your business is being responsible with client data and give your customers confidence. Ensuring these are robust and fit for purpose should always be a priority.

Making sure all these elements of your CRM and more are set up correctly and personalised to your business can be a challenge. That is where our advice and the onboarding service can help.


What Is Onboarding?

Our onboarding process consists of three main steps

  1. General advice – how CRM systems can help with sales and marketing,
  2. Implementation – migrating and integrating your existing data (client lists, online mailboxes, digital advertising data and more) into your new CRM platform. Whilst there are online resources to guide you, the process can be time-consuming, complex and you may not the full value of a CRM system.
  3. Training – Introduce the team to your new personalised, integrated HubSpot account and training you on how to start using it. Also includes a follow up session to ensure you are getting the best from your new account and help with any challenges.

Framework Digital offers a customised HubSpot CRM Onboarding package which offers:

  • Personalised account set up
  • 2 Hour Introductory Training Session
  • Follow Up session for additional training
  • Ad Hoc Training

We want our clients to use their new CRM system and benefit from its full potential, to see the value of this investment to sell more and use advertising money more efficiently. As HubSpot Solution Partner, we are confident in providing valuable support.

More information about our HubSpot onboarding service with a detailed list of tasks and training can be found here

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