Web Analytics in 150 words

Web Analytics report provides data for Marketing Managers to measure campaigns and websites KPIs.

The focus in web analytics is on using the website data to determine the success, drive strategy and improve the user’s experience.

Web analytics is the process of collecting, reporting, and analysing of website data. It does not only lets you measure how many visits your website has scored, but also gives you insights into how visitors use your website and how you can influence completing tasks that the website is expected to deliver.

Would you find this information relevant and applicable to your business:

  • engagement – what is the most popular page, visit duration, bounce rate,
  • flow – landing page and exits, a percentage of visits and time spent browsing
  • source – how your visitors discovered your website, where did they come from
  • audience – more visitors from London or from Aylesbury

It is just a couple of questions that Web Analytics report would answer.

Web Analytics Report generates detailed statistics about the visits and visitors of the website. It could be used to track recipients of email campaigns and their behaviours or mobile application users. Google Analytics provides statistics on goals conversion, e-commerce tracking, geo‐targeting, multi-platform channels (advanced segmentation), motion charts, and customised reporting. Web Analytics report provides Marketing Managers with data for measuring campaign KPIs.

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