Framework Digital Sponsors TEDx Aylesbury

The event was held on 9 May 2015 and titled ‘Misfits and Pioneers’, We were delighted to not only sponsor but also help to organise such a forward thinking, local event.

Framework Digital Sponsors TEDx Aylesbury

TED Talks are world renowned as a platform for sharing thought provoking ideas. The aim is to spark interest in a range of topics and inspire conversation and debate.

TEDx expands the possibilities; giving communities, organisations and individuals an opportunity to deliver their perspective on a diverse range of subjects. Strong connections can be formed at these events, to push forward fresh thinking.

A team of volunteers, led by Devi Clark decided it was time for our town to get on the map. Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre provided the ideal location for a TEDx in our community. BBC film maker and BAFTA Award winner Peter Armstrong, took on the production of the event, with fantastic support from Anuradha Vittachi – co-founder of the OneWorld Network, author, human rights and sustainable development advocate.

A number of business leaders were keen to support Devi and her team, including Framework Digital. As avid fans of TED Talks, we were delighted to sponsor the local event.

Framework Digital designed and built the TEDx Aylesbury website to promote the event and provide a platform for interested parties to book. We worked in close cooperation with the event curators to design a unique logo and to help advertise the event.

karen blackett tedx aylesbury

The homepage of TEDx Aylesbury website featuring one of the speakers Karen Blackett OBE 

It is a part of Framework Digital ethos to support local initiatives by sponsoring and volunteering.

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