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We offer a personalised, website review done by a trained web designer. The report includes SEO positioning report and visual assessment that includes actionable points.
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What can you learn from a professional website review?  

  • You will learn what is good about your website and what needs improvement.
  • The report will include its compliance with the GDPR and Accessibility (WCAG 2.0 and above)
  • It will also highlight potential security risks and loading speed.
  • You will have insight into your website’s SEO performance, including the short list of website’s most popular pages and keywords.
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What does your free audit include?

Our free website review will cover the following aspects:

  1. SEO report: shortlisted the most popular keywords, top pages, and overall relation between your website and similar organisations,
  2. Visual assessment: individually created notes about the look and feel of your website by our qualified web designer and UX designer.
  3. Technology and efficiency: report on your website’s loading speed and technology.
  4. Compliance: check your website’s accessibility and GDPR.
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An example SEO report (1 out of 10 pages)

Does your website look outdated?

The first impression counts. An outdated website is not helping with building trust, in a result, disappointed visitors may navigate away.

Is your website fast and secure?

Outdated  websites cause more problems — older technology is less efficient, resulting in slower, less secure websites.

How does Google see your website?

This free audit will include SEO performance and reveal most popular pages and keywords, which can often be a surprise.

Is your website current?

Most organisations are adapting their priorities and offers regularly. A good website must reflect changes.

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