Is Your Business Digitally Prepared?

The pandemic gave businesses a reality check in digital preparation.
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When did your business last review its online effectiveness?

The pandemic gave businesses a reality check in digital preparation. It moved digital preparedness from A priority to THE priority for businesses that want to survive, evolve and grow.

Face to face interactions were significantly reduced through the lockdown, fast-tracking the shift towards digital and this trend continues. While this has meant faster and more convenient internal and customer interactions, consumer preferences for digital channels also exposed shortcomings.

Businesses, of all sizes, who believed they were in a strong position to offer good quality digital services, discovered they were not up to the mark.

As an example, websites that had been unmanaged or not updated frustrated customers; they weren’t as intuitive or as easy to navigate as expected. When viewing a product or service on a site is tedious, what incentive is there for the customer to complete their purchase or return for more business?

To attract, satisfy and retain customers, businesses need to ensure their digital presence is as strong as it can. This is the way to drive growth, so, when was the last time your business reviewed its online effectiveness?


How to Bring your Digital Presence Up To Speed

Technology is ever-evolving, however, there are some fundamentals that every business will benefit from. Framework Digital can help ensure your business is not left behind.

Allow us to review your current website and provide valuable insight into what is working and where improvements should be made. We can then support you by optimising your website for ALL devices, run a focused digital ad campaign and ensure you are GDPR compliant. Ensuring your business is digitally ready will help drive leads and sales.


Effective Digital Transformation

Our digital program is logical and simple. It consists of 3 main elements:

  1. A professional website that accurately reflects your company and services in a way that appeals to visitors
  2. Highly targeted digital advertising campaign on Google that bring relevant prospects to your website
  3. HubSpot CRM system that captures enquiries and helps you close more sales.

Let’s explore these in further detail.


Website Design

Is your website quick to load, intuitive to use and tailored to suit the needs of your customers? Does it engage visitors and encourage them to take action?

With over 100 website design projects completed in the past 7 years, we know how to combine technology, design and business objectives. We focus on functionality, as well as aesthetics to create websites that operate as effective marketing tools and contribute to sales.

Check out our Web Design Portfolio

Google advertising

Having a website is important, but you also need to drive traffic towards it. This requires the delivery of the right message to the right people at the right time. Google Advertising provides this opportunity. Our website outlines the reasons why Google Advertising is an effective marketing strategy.

We are Google Partners; trained by Google and monitored to ensure we consistently set up and manage campaigns to optimise a return on investment. We run efficient digital marketing on your behalf, tracking costs and conversions.

Hubspot CRM

Customer engagement technology is a valuable tool in mapping the customer journey and enhancing communication. By integrating, automating and tracking standard processes, a CRM frees up time to focus on personalising customer interactions.

After 2 years of using HubSpot CRM in-house, we are confident to recommend it to our clients. We have trained as HubSpot Solution Provider and in 2020, we were accredited for system integration, training and support.

If you are ready to learn more or discuss any of these options, then please do contact me.

Mike Gulliver

Business Development Manager

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