Salesmade Ltd

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The Client

Salesmade Ltd is an established Aylesbury-based manufacturer that specialises in aluminium extrusion design, fabrication & finish.


Project Brief

We had previously built a basic website for Salesmade Ltd, giving the company an online presence. A few years on and the new Managers wanted to improve lead generation. They knew that updating the website would better engage visitors and make Google Ads and other advertising viable.

The basic website had some impressive images, but minimal written content. For this reason, the bounce rate was high. Visitors were reaching a page of interest, but there was little there to explain what the company offered, so they left. The lack of written content also made it difficult for the search engines to match search criteria with the pages, so the site was not easily found.


Our Website Development Solution

Our redesign plan included separate service pages. We provided written content that clearly outlines their processes and answered some frequently asked questions. This clear distinction between services aids search engine optimisation, meaning that potential customers are more likely to be directed their way. In addition, they will form natural landing pages for targeted advertising campaigns.

The previous About Us page focused on the history of the company. Whilst this showed an established operation, the new Management team were keen to focus on the here and now. Images and information about the team add a personalised touch. It makes the company approachable.

We also activated a dormant blog page. This will be used to share current projects, company updates and case studies. It will help visitors to understand the processes and applications of extruded aluminium.

In scaling up the website and content, there was an opportunity to reference other aspects of the business. These included the steps being made to improve environmental sustainability. Knowledge of green credentials through the supply chain is of growing importance. As such, sharing this information could be a vital component in securing new business.

The Results

The website is now a far stronger reflection of the company and the team are delighted with the results. We are now working with them on a Google Advertising campaign and have assisted with Hubspot onboarding.

We have compared the data from the first 30 days since the website update with the same period last year.

“We are extremely thankful to our friends at Framework Digital Ltd for the fantastic work they have done on our new & improved website. From start to finish it is always a pleasure to work with these guys. Thank you Tomas Pukalski Michael Gulliver Catherine Davies.”

2020 – 1.48 pages accessed per visit, 1.42 minutes per visit and 102 unique visitors a month

2021 – 3.1 pages per visit, 2.3 minutes per visit, 408 unique visitors and bounce rate reduced by 15%. Already, we are seeing four times as many visitors, spending more time on the website.

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