Meet Ianis – Work Placement for Aylesbury College Student

In January, Ianis joined us from Bucks College Group as a placement student, working at Framework Digital o day per week. After being here for a few weeks, we wanted to let Ianis share his thoughts since joining us. Here is what he had to say!
Ianis on work placement

I am a student at Bucks College Group, where I currently study T Level in Digital Production, Design and Development. I currently have a placement at Framework Digital as a trainee web designer.


I enjoy working here because you learn all about web design, for example, moving websites from one server to another server. I am also learning the basics of WordPress, such as structuring pages and adding a variety of plugins.


The Framework Digital Team is friendly, and when I need help, Emona, Tomas, and Mike spend time with me to help me understand and give me tasks that teach me more about this industry. My plans are to become a programmer in Java and start my own company after a few years. This work placement will be helpful for my future career because it will make me more professional and gives me some marketing skills and knowledge about Google Analytics.

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