Making the Best Use of Marketing Budget for Small Business

How to make the best use of a tight marketing budget? Answer: Search Engine Optimisation and Google Advertising.

Every organisation needs to promote its goods and services. You might offer the best goods in the world, but if no one knows about them, you’re not going to make a sale.

Search Engine Optimisation and Google Advertising

Spreading the word means allocating time and money towards marketing activities. The trouble is that marketing isn’t always viewed as essential. It results in many SMEs and charities having an extremely tight marketing budget. If this rings true in your organisation, we suggest you focus on two areas; Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads.

Search Engine Optimisation

The first step is to spend time optimising your web pages. If you have Admin access to your website and are familiar with the setup, making changes doesn’t demand technical skills.


Each page should have a primary keyword. This is a word, or phrase, which people who are looking for the products or services featured on that page, might type into the search engine.
The primary keyword should feature in the page URL, the Title (Header) on the page, in sub-headings and page content. If you have images or video on the page, the Title (Alt Tag) should ideally include the keyword.
In addition, related keywords and phrases should be included in the natural flow of the text. It’s a careful balance of including keywords to satisfy the search engines and ensuring that visitors can easily read the content and understand what you offer.


Website visitors do not like to be kept waiting. If your web pages take more than a second to load, you risk losing potential visitors. You can check the loading speed with free online tools. This will also suggest ways of reducing the loading speed, which you may be able to implement.


Regularly adding new content to your website is viewed favourably by the search engines. It also gives frequent visitors a reason to return to your site. If your products and services rarely change, blog posts can be an effective way of showing that you are still in business, have up-to-date knowledge and can showcase recent case studies, events and achievements.


When you do add fresh content to your website, it is important to direct visitors to it with a link. A comment, image and link can be posted on your social media profiles, in newsletters or emails, on your email signature and printed literature.
If you have a tight budget, but time on your hands, SEO activities will help improve the chances of your website being found. If time is limited, you may prefer to outsource SEO activities, Framework Digital is an experienced company serving businesses in and around Aylesbury.

Google Ads

The second recommendation is to invest your budget in Google Ads. Many organisations are hesitant about paid advertising, but it can be a highly effective means of online marketing.


For a start, Google Ads are targeted. You can specify the profile of people that will see your advert; their interests, geographical location, and search terms used etc. You can also control when the adverts are shown – the time of day that you can take a phone call. No other marketing tool can compare.


It is also important to state that you retain control of the budget. You only pay if someone clicks on the advert and is taken to your designated landing page. If the allocated daily budget gets used up, your adverts simply won’t be shown until the following day. You can’t overspend.

Another advantage of Google Ads is that you can monitor their performance. If one advert is attracting a lot of clicks, some of which are converting to customers, you can shift more of your budget to that advert. Equally, if an advert isn’t performing well, you can simply switch it off.

Framework Digital has been trained on the Google Partners programme. Allow us to advise on landing pages, keywords and the best way to allocate your budget. We can set up and manage your advertising campaign, ensuring that you get good returns from your investment.

For assistance with Google Ads and website  SEO, Aylesbury based Framework Digital are on hand to provide advice and practical support.

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