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Established in 1993, Pickup & Schott Solicitors offer legal advice on mental health, estates, criminal and immigration law. Their caring and compassionate approach draws clients from a range of backgrounds to access their services. Recently, they opened a new branch in Northampton.
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The Client  

This law firm was established in 1993 and continues to offer credible, legal successfully today. Operating in the heart of Aylesbury, they focus on criminal and immigration law, while offering services on will writing and mental health support. Recently, they’ve opened a new location in Northampton. 



Project Brief 

Pickup & Scott Solicitors requested a website to showcase content, which may be vital information to users on their website. They needed a navigation menu that categorised topics, information about their practice and upcoming events in the local area.  


Their previous website was unresponsive, difficult to read and did not reflect the vision held by Pickup & Scott. They also needed more lead generation to inform locals of their practices in Aylesbury and Northampton. More so, they needed a website that demonstrated their active involvement in supporting the local community, their friendly and approachable team and readily-available contact information.  



Our Solution 

At Framework Digital, we wanted to support Pickup & Scott share their message to users effectively and efficiently.  


We built them an easy-use navigation. Pickup & Scott collaborated on the website site map, which helped identify important landing pages, such as Meet the team, News and Events, and sections, such as Job vacancies and Recent events. This was crucial, particularly during the pandemic lockdown, whereby changes to opening times required regular updates.  



We created a booking system and optimised their enquiry form. Users could choose to send an inquiry or have the flexibility to use their own methods, of contact, by displaying the relevant information.  



Landing pages on the website were crucial for Google campaigns, which was another service offered by Framework Digital. To promote our client presence online, Google ads appeared when associated with key words reflecting the services offered by Pickup & Scott. We liaised with our copywriter to identify effective keywords for system engine optimisations (SEO).  



The Results 

The website was successfully easy to find on Google search engine and reflected the vision Pickup & Scott wanted to express on their online platform.  


You can visit Pickup & Scott  by clicking the link below. 



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