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Developing a new website for two local authorities, the aim was to raise awareness, engage users towards their eco-sustainable research and develop interest to take action by sowing wild flower seeds.
NEP MK and Bucks website

The Client 

Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Partnership collaborated on a new website. The two councils were brought together in their interest of creating an ecologically sustainable environment. To deliver this government-run initiative, we helped them build their new website. 

The aim was to raise eco-sustainable awareness through published documents, deliver products across the UK (United Kingdom) and offer a platform for gardening-enthusiasts to find helpful articles on cultivation.  


Project Brief

The new website design was led by the content, target audience and functionalities that would enable users to attain a holistic, personalised experience.  


On a content heavy website, it was essential to incorporate a system to organise research documented. Alongside this, a directory was required to allow visitors to browse organisations by causes and regions.  


For users interested in actively supporting this initiative, we needed a way to collect their data to exchange further information. While, for a particular group of users, there was a need to present gated information on meeting plans and minutes. 



Our Solution 

To manage the heavy content load, we applied our own hosting services and document management system. This was needed to keep hundreds of documents organised by categories, ensure version control was applied to prevent loss of data and the ability to view document download statistics for identifying current trends and interests. 


To offer a more tailored experience, users interested in tackling the decline of bees, the website required form fields to collect user information to distribute free wildflower seeds for them to cultivate in their own space.  


Private pages were set up with additional security for member-only access to present internal information on meeting plans and minutes.   


For those with statistical interests, we offered users the ability to export data in CSV (Comma Separated Value) files directly from the database. 

To create a brand image that reflected their eco-sustainability values, we applied high-quality, images of nature in action. To ensure quick load times, while maintaining quality images, we optimised images for efficiency by changing file sizes. Further optimisations to the website were applied through functionality, which allowed users to ‘do things’ like order, download document and find out dates. 

To enable changes and current trends to be reflected on the website, we trained council staff on WordPress admin.  



The Result 

Framework Digital proudly worked with Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Environmental Partnership to promote their biodiversity campaign. A further two years of funding was secured to continue this work. During this time, we continued to maintain the databases, website, and support for the council, who felt positively impacted by the collaboration from our friendly staff team.  

You can visit Bucks NEP  by clicking the link below. 



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