Modeshift is a nation-wide organisation, part of a national program that promotes physical activity and sustainable work and school commuting. This complex website has membership management system, member-only access, online forums and newsletters distribution system. We provide web hosting and support. We have an ongoing contract since 2018.
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The Client 

Modeshift, established in 2007, is a not-for-profit membership organisation. It is a national initiative to improve safety for children and adults commuting to schools, workspaces and other educational settings, while making informed and sustainable choices on their journey. 


Modeshift management consisted of Transport for London (TFL) board members, who released content, held annual conferences and created an online community to raise awareness on sustainable practices in their teams, partners and organisations, for example, local councils. These messages are filtered down to their audiences, such as schools, staff and parents. 


Project Brief  

Modeshift was looking to build a website for registered members to create a platform where an online group of professionals were connected by their vision for safe and sustainable practices. They aimed to facilitate discussions & best practices on travelling to school and other establishments. Based in the United Kingdom (UK), most members are local councils. Modeshift requires two entry points for its registered users on this website: 

  1. For organisations, such as local councils 
  1. For individuals within an organisation, such as staff members in a local council 

They also required advanced functionalities when distributing newsletters, an online forum for community discussions, a blog space and a events calendar to notify members of upcoming events. 


Our Solution 

This website had multiple layers of advanced functionalities to uniquely meet the needs of the users, for instance: 

  • Newsletters were tailored to user background, such as user demographic, type of organisation and role within the organisation. 
  • Particular posts, for example a job listing, were presented to registered members and expired after a period of time automatically. 
  • Forum topics, begun by moderators, could be shared across a wide range of members. 
  • Messages are directly sent to a custom group of people based on their location or type of organisation. 



The Results 

Modeshift was impressed by the delivery of complex functionalities on this website. Furthermore, our services were requested to manage an affiliated website called ‘Modeshift Stars’. Modeshift Stars is a website displaying programs on school travel to teaching professionals in primary schools across the UK. 


Modeshift is our ongoing long-term client, whom we continue to work with to manage and host their website. 

You can visit Modeshift  by clicking the link below.

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