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We built London-based charity, The Together Project, a website that enables care homes and children to exchange letters and artwork. The new website has a membership sign up with payment facility, a membership area, functional forms and CRM system integration. We designed the logo and built the website based on their brand colours and included artistic features such as hand drawn fonts.
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The Client

Led by the Together Project, Crafting Connections began as an intergenerational initiative during the lockdown. Children and older people in care homes were paired. Each created pieces of art to send to the other, bringing joy and establishing remote relationships.

Interest in the initiative was high, with spirits raised through increased social contact. This positive feedback cemented the decision to continue the project after the lockdown was eased. Members are provided with a craft pack to get creative. Their work is sent to Crafting Connections who forward it to the intended recipient.



Project Brief

The Together Project wanted a website that communicated the joy and fun that Crafting Connections has brought to those involved. As the initiative focuses on creating, they desired a hand-drawn element to the design.

It was important for the website to explain and market Crafting Connections. They wanted a platform where individuals and care homes can sign up. The data they provide informs pairing and enables craft packs and artworks to be distributed. There is a small membership fee, so the website also needed a payment gateway.



Our Solution

We started by collaborating on the branding and designing the Crafting Creations logo. Informed by the brand colours, we used colour blocks, a hand-drawn font style and images to communicate the artistic nature of Crafting Connections. This was further enhanced with video content and micro-animations that bring drawn elements to life. The result is a website that ties in with the project’s Happy Hits philosophy. In terms of functionality, we integrated a membership sign-up, including calls-to-action, fillable forms and submission into their Customer Relations Management (CRM system). This aids efficient processes and the GDPR-compliant storage and management of data. There is a separate sign-up for those wishing to receive the newsletter without participating in the project.

Considering use and cost, we selected and integrated Stripe as the secure payment gateway. In addition, we created a Donation button using PayPal.

We supported the launch of the website and provided training for users. We ensured they understood the sign-up process and were confident in adding new stories, videos and other content.



The Results

Crafting Connections has formed 90 friendships so far. These friendships encourage participants to create, feel good and smile – the three Happy Hits!

“We were thrilled with the design for our website. It really captures the essence of the project and we’ve had such excellent feedback on it.”

– Louise Goulden


You can visit Crafting Connections by clicking the link below.


Project Gallery

Mobile View

mobile view Web page for Crafting Connections

Desktop View

desktop Web page for Crafting Connections

Link to the Crafting Connection website:

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