Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler is a plastic surgeon based in Buckinghamshire. He established his plastic surgery consultancy practice to attract consultation from private clients. We designed the branding and the website for Mike's plastic surgery practice.
Mike Tyler plastic surgeon website design

The Client 

An NHS Consultant since 2001, Mike Tyler has operated on thousands of patients for medical and cosmetic procedures. 


Mike needed an online platform to showcase his private work, offering cosmetic procedures. We built him a website that confidently reflected his years of experience and commitment to his patients, as well as clear and concise information for patients interested in his services. 


Project Brief 

At Framework Digital, we need to understand the message our clients communicate to their users, so we visited Mike at his surgery and conducted interviews for further details. 


Our team attentively listened to the intricate details of procedures to collect essential information, which our copywriter carefully drafted for the website. Mike also needed to establish his branding, such as font, colours and visual elements, to distinguish himself as an independent company. 


Mike set high expectations by highlighting examples of websites from Harley Street, London.   After analysing these competitor websites, we identified the theme he sought: simple designs with unique functionalities that spoke volumes about his work. 


We offered branding, design, development and hosting for Mike’s website. 


Our Solution 

We intended to create a unique user experience for Mike Tyler’s website visitors by implementing sophisticated animations. The home page presents an animated, vertical scroll that switches the text and images each time a user interacts. 


To maintain consistent branding, we offered him a choice of midnight blue as a primary brand colour, with the accent choice of pastel pink. These colours worked well on custom-made graphic illustrations, which display breast procedures on the home page and other landing pages.  


While we provided copywriting and graphic illustrations for the website, Mike provided image assets. 


User experience was at the forefront when making website design choices. Creating trust with the user was essential from the start of their journey, on the home page, until the end. We did this by sharing images of client work on relevant service pages while using graphic illustrations on the rest of the website. This intended to build trust with potential clients because only relevant images were shared on the website, managing client privacy and data with the utmost care and diligence. 


Furthermore, staff were trained in WordPress admin so they could independently update content to keep up with website changes.  



The Results 

Mike found our work on his website exceptional. He enjoyed the animations on the home page and was pleased that the website reflected his work to a high standard. We continue to maintain his website and provide him with further support when needed. 


Furthering our relationship, Mike, the managing director for international service, entrusted us with maintaining another website, Restore Burn and Wound Research.  

You can visit Mike Tyler’s website here: 


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