Season of Goodwill

Framework Digital wants to give Buckinghamshire charities more than a Christmas card this winter.

We would like to offer:

  • 12 months FREE HOSTING for all new charity website builds
  • 12 months FREE WEB ANALYTICS reports for all charity website upgrades

Charity Websites that Deliver Results

In recent decades, many non-profit organisations have realised the importance of adopting a more business-like approach to attracting and converting potential supporters. Charity websites play a vital role in providing the organisation with an online presence.

We outline how a good plan, website essentials, compelling content and the right website design agency combine, to make it easier for your charity to achieve its goals.

Website Design Plan

The starting point is to prepare a clear plan and clarify the purpose of the website.

Many charity websites are trying to satisfy stakeholders and provide beneficiaries with resources. They are also aiming to raise awareness of the organisation, trying to attract volunteers and also hoping that site visitors will donate. Without a plan, the result can be confusing and inconsistent.

Your non-profit may need to address all these requirements and more, but what is the priority? Once this has been agreed, the web design company can work with you to advise on how technology, features and content can ensure the site delivers.

In line with the priorities, it is good to prepare some SMART goals. If you keep it vague; ‘an increase in volunteers’ or ‘more users accessing support’, how will you know that the website is successful? In contrast, ‘an additional volunteer signing up each week for a year’ or ‘a 20% increase in attendees at fundraising events by March 2020’ is specific and measurable. Your website design company can install analytics to provide valuable data, including whether you are on target to achieve the goals.

Website Design Essentials

User experience is a priority for any website. It is essential that your charity website is mobile friendly, simple to navigate and secure (especially if you are asking for online donations or personal information).

In addition, you will need an integrated Content Management System (CMS), as this will enable you to make regular amends, such as campaign updates, upcoming events and the latest blog.

Another essential could be integration with payment gateways, a database and other software that will automate processes and increase efficiencies. Provide your web design company with a wish list and they should be able to advise on the best options.

Compelling Website Content

One area where charity websites can outshine business pages is by promoting genuinely stories, which elicit an emotional response. Storytelling is at the heart of grabbing the interest of visitors and engaging with them and it can be shared in video, images and text.

People want to understand how your organisation makes a difference. By sharing individual stories, you can personalise the communication. “When we first met Jack he’d been living on the streets for two weeks…’ or ‘We help the homeless’ – which draws you in? It can be even more powerful if you can ask those who have benefitted from your services to share their experiences first-hand.

In addition to beneficiaries, you may have a wealth of volunteer stories to tell. What roles do people take on to support your organisation? Why do volunteers give their time? What have they gained from being part of your team? Celebrate those who are committed to your cause.

Use an Experienced Web Design Company

Make sure that you compare website design quotes based on more than simply cost. Ask your web design company if they can demonstrate experience and success when working with non-profit organisations. Ask them to explain how they intend to address your goals and priorities.

If you are seeking an experienced Web Design Agency, Aylesbury based Framework Digital can provide a number of examples of charity website projects. What’s more, we have worked with Community Impact Bucks to share information with charities on the importance of a strong web presence.

Framework Digital understands that tight budgets can be restrictive and we wanted to ensure that charities could benefit from a quality website, within these constraints. For this reason, we teamed up with IT Students from Bucks UTC. We actively support local students to take on part of the website development process. They benefit from applying their technical skills and knowledge to a real brief and this keeps the website development costs down.

Season of Goodwill Offer

Framework Digital wants to give Buckinghamshire charities more than a Christmas card this winter.

We’d like to offer:

  • 12 months FREE HOSTING for all new charity website builds
  • 12 months FREE WEB ANALYTICS reports for  all charity website upgrades

We’ll also advise you on how to access your Free AdWords budget and the Mailchimp Forever Free option, to help with on-going marketing when your charity website goes live.

Let’s meet to discuss your requirements. We’ll prepare a proposal and if you confirm before 31 January 2019, you’ll benefit from this seasonal offer.
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