Website Review and Online Presence Audit

We offer structured website audit for managers who need to evaluate online presence.

A detailed website review will help you consider whether your online presence offers a true reflection of your business.

Whether you launched a new website recently, or you have a long established site that needs to be redesigned, you may want to evaluate it first before investing time and money.

A detailed website review will help you consider whether your online presence offers a true reflection of your business. It also considers whether the website provides a good user experience and is serving you as an effective marketing tool.

Framework Digital would suggest four primary points as the basis of your website review:

  • Appearance
  • Content
  • Functionality
  • Optimisation
  • Performance

Website Design – The Appearance

There’s no getting away from the fact that the human brain makes instant assumptions based on appearance. If your website looks dated or unprofessional, it is likely to be putting potential customers off in a split second. It will suggest that your organisation is tired and amateurish, even if your offices house a dynamic and professional team.

It’s worth remembering that many visitors will be viewing your website on a tablet or phone. You, therefore, need to check that your website design layout works on a small screen. This may not have been a major concern when you had the site built, but it is considered a basic essential now.

Website Content – The Message

Every business evolves in response to changing customer requirements. It’s healthy to seek fresh opportunities and to diversify. Part of the review process should be to check that your website content still represents an accurate reflection of your business offer. Do you need to add a page about a new product range, or remove a service that hasn’t generated expected levels of interest?

Take time to look at your testimonials, images, case studies and blog too. When were they last updated? If it has been a while, this is a good time to replace them with new versions. Would video improve your communications? Fresh content will make your website more appealing to both return visitors and the search engines.

Website Functionality – How it Works?

There are two sides to a fully functional website design; the user experience and the back-end efficiency. You want it to simplify processes for your customers and your team.

A professional website designer can listen to what you want your site to do and then recommend ways in which this can be implemented. Your customers might like the facility to check availability, make a booking or order a product. Your team might like the website to integrate with existing software, to remove the need for manual processing. There are many ways in which a website can be enhanced for everyone’s benefit.

Website Optimisation – How your pages are found?

On the internet, competition is fierce. If you want any chance of your website being found, it has to be properly and fully optimised for the search engines.

Search engines will only list web pages which clearly match the search term, as this is the only way to provide reliable and relevant results. Therefore, optimisation involves undertaking keyword research to work out what potential customers are searching for when they need your services. This keyword information has to inform the website design and content.

With a fully optimised website, you will also gain better results from future marketing campaigns, such as paid advertising and promotions.

Website Performance – Is it fit for Purpose?

A website has to deliver to expectations. When we browse the internet and visit a website, we expect to see the information displayed immediately. When we are asked to provide information, we expect the website to be secure. The padlock symbol and a quick loading page give us reassurance that our expectations are being met.

A review should also include competitor analysis. How is your website performing in comparison to the online competition? Are you well positioned, or have your rivals upped their game? Take a good look at what is included on their website, not to copy, but to learn.

Customer Insight

In addition to your review of your website, it is advisable to gather an objective perspective. Is it possible to ask someone outside of your organisation to provide feedback? Ideally, you would ask people who represent your target audience. You could also request a website review from a web design agency.

Either way, it’s important to be open to receiving an honest opinion. See their thoughts as useful insight on where improvements could be made, rather than a personal attack on your business. To focus their thoughts, you could ask them specific questions such as:

  • Do they clearly understand what you do?
  • What would encourage them to approach you?
  • Does anything put them off?
  • Do they find the website easy to navigate?
  • Were they expecting something which wasn’t provided?
  • What would they do if they wanted to progress the conversation?

If you would like a deeper insight into the performance of your website, Framework Digital offers a detailed website report. As part of our digital marketing consultancy, this draws on Analytics data and a range of tools which provide factual information, as well as our professional opinion.

Our 10 page reports use screen prints, scores, traffic lights and explanations to detail our findings. We also provide a list of suggested actions and top priorities, which are covered in a debrief meeting. Our website reports have helped a number of companies to make informed decisions and strategic marketing plans.

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