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Digital Transformation for B2B

Businesses will have to undergo digital transformation. With fewer in-person meetings, trade shows and events put on hold, businesses will need to adapt.


We can help accelerate that change. We work with B2B manufacturing companies helping them find new clients. When your prospects identify a need and research suppliers, you want your business to be found – we know how to make that happen and to convert interest into leads.


We offer website development, paid advertising and customer relations management solutions to drive digital transformation.


Website Development


Despite the understandable enthusiasm to get online, most websites simply aren’t fit for purpose in today’s digital age. A website has to be mobile-friendly, easy to navigate and original to have value for visitors and the search engines.


The best websites make a strong visual impression and inspire action; getting in contact, making a purchase or requesting a call. If your current website fails to generate leads, it’s time to talk to us.


When Framework Digital builds your website, we ensure it is mobile responsive and optimised for the search engines as standard. The website will include a straightforward Content Management System (CMS), so updates can be made in-house; no more reliance on a technical team.


We can integrate the new website with existing software to aid efficiency and we are happy to advise on how to achieve your website goals. For transparency, all prices are itemised in our quotes. The only ongoing cost is our reasonably priced annual hosting charge.


Targeted Google Ads


For established businesses or start-ups, it can be very difficult to get ahead of the competition and generate leads. Every marketing opportunity seems expensive, especially if the return on investment is no more than a guess.


Unlike traditional advertising, online advertising campaigns are highly targeted and deliver predictable results. Google Ads are an online advertising service by Google that allows businesses to display ads on Google Search and only pay for the results. Google Ads is viewed as the most effective way to reach your prospective customers, drive relevant traffic to your website, get phone calls and, ultimately, sell more.


Framework Digital is a Google Partner. This means we have been trained in how best to set up and manage campaigns. We ensure that you have a strong campaign that puts your brand or products in front of your ideal customers.


CRM – Customer Relationship Management


CRM software is a central place for an organisation to manage leads, sales, support as well as communication with prospects and clients.


A CRM integrates data from a website, advertising campaigns, emails and social media. Much more than a digital replacement of failing cabinets, it provides efficient use of time and data to manage the sales process, close more deals and maintain good client relationships.

To fully benefit from the features, your CRM needs to be properly set up in the right way for your business. This setup process is called Onboarding. Without in-house expertise, this can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

As HubSpot Partners, Framework Digital have the expertise to help you to get everything set up, with follow up support to help you get up and running.


Marketing Solutions for Industrial Companies


We have provided websites, Google Ad campaigns and/or Hubspot onboarding for other local industrial companies including:


website fabrication

Salesmade LTD – Aluminium extrusions designed, fabricated and finished –


electronic components manufacturing

Arbor Technology UK – Specialists in Embedded Computing –


packaging manufacturer

Aylesbury Box Company – Bespoke Cardboard Packaging Solutions –



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