Customers Slipping Through the Net? – A brief look at HubSpot Tasks

Customers Slipping Through the Net? – A brief look at HubSpot Tasks
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The HubSpot Tasks feature is an effective way to keep on top of your prospects, sales and service, especially when remote working. How does it work and why is it important?

This blog post will tell you:

  • What a Task is
  • How to create a task
  • How to schedule a task
  • How to mark a task as complete

Timely Communication Made Simple

No organisation would exist without customers. It is therefore important for us all to recognise that our most valuable and important asset is our customers. Making every customer feel important through regular communication is a challenge, however, a CRM system boosts our chances.

Using a CRM to record new and existing clients or prospects is useful, but a list is pointless unless you keep in touch. Ensuring timely communication is maintained and promised actions are undertaken is what really matters.

HubSpot has a tool that helps ensure you and your team can keep on top of your prospects, sales and service; Tasks. Put simply, Tasks is a means of scheduling events, reminders or calls to action to ensure that no opportunity is missed.

How Does HubSpot Tasks Work?

In HubSpot, you can create tasks, assign them to yourself and other users, and be assigned tasks by other users in your account.

You can:

  • Name your task
  • Add notes that will help whoever is associated with that task
  • Schedule the task for a specified time and date
  • Associate the task to members of the team, contacts and/or deals
  • The type of task (To-Do, email, call)

The task will then be saved and associated with that contact or deal.

Every morning, each member of the team can browse their list of tasks. It lists actions that are upcoming, due today or overdue.

Here you can see

  • Task status
  • Title
  • Associations
  • Last contacted date
  • Last engagement
  • Task type
  • Due Date

Let’s say you have completed the task in question. How do you mark it as complete?

Once you have opened the Task, navigate to the tick icon and click to mark as complete.

It is also possible to add another Task – possibly assigning an action to a colleague or a reminder to get in touch again. This might be a few weeks before renewal is due or when the person you need to speak to is due back from holiday.

Once marked as complete, a task will no longer show on your list. However, you can still navigate to it. This means that should you or the customer need to know what was within that task, you have access to the information.


This is a brief overview of what is possible, but it should explain how using Tasks, supports exceptional customer service, even if your team are operating remotely. It offers a nudge for timely communication with prospects and clients, so they don’t fall through the net.

That’s great to see you are interested in managing your marketing, sales activities, and clients data with CRM System.

If you like to learn how CRM can help you run your company, we have got two options:

  • Attend our webinar – every month; we organise free to attend HubSpot presentation,
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