Tomas’ Volunteering Story

It’s #volunteerweek, a time to celebrate the hard work that volunteers contribute to charities.  This month is full of charity awareness days, including Volunteer Week. Tomas shares his volunteering experience.
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What volunteering do you do?

Charitable causes that are closer to my consciousness are related to education and young people. That is the best bet for making a positive impact on the future. Bill Gates has resources to aim at eradicating extreme poverty; I’m happy to donate what I have – my time and humble skills in business, design and technology.


How did you start volunteering?

I guess it was a combination of a challenge that motivated me. I like taking responsibility and trying to change things that I see need changing. Volunteering doesn’t happen in isolation from other people. So, a social element was also attractive because it was a chance to meet like-minded people.


What made you volunteer for your specific charity?

One of my first volunteering roles was as a business advisor for Young Enterprise at the local secondary school. I was also involved in The Career and Enterprise Company (that isn’t actually a commercial company) It was a government-founded initiative to reform education. I left these two organisations when the local secondary school (the same school I had my Young Enterprise group) asked me to become a school governor. That was a challenge, a lot of learning and quite a responsibility. When I got some experience as a governor, I joined a newly established Bucks Association of School Governors. In the last few years, I offered work placement for local students and T-Levels. Framework as a business works with Aylesbury Youth Action to support students who want to learn web design.


What is the biggest benefit of your volunteering?

The experience in general and the people I have met. I have great respect for the young generation – they are very clever and conscious. I have also learned how to make decisions that are balanced and fair, how to run meetings (and how not to), how to network, and how to manage budgets and write policies. These skills help me daily with running a business.

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