Letter from Aylesbury Youth Action

Letter from Aylesbury Youth Action (AYA)

Community Support – Aylesbury Youth Action

The current situation highlights the essential role that we can all play in our communities. You may have collected groceries and prescriptions for a neighbour. You may have set up an activity to share online. Maybe you got the paints out and contributed to the Rainbow Trail.

Aylesbury Youth Action is a local organisation that encourage teenagers to get involved in voluntary community activities throughout the year. Their team encourage young people to join them on visits care homes or help children participate in holiday activities. Others assist with gardening, wildlife and other fantastic projects.

Making a Difference

Over the 2019 festive season, Framework Digital decided to donate to Aylesbury Youth Action. This was in the place of sending Christmas cards to our customers and business friends. A card would be long forgotten, but our donation will support teenagers to make a difference in our community. That is a valuable life lesson.

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