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We are very happy to announce that Framework Digital has been awarded Google Partner status - March 2020
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We are very happy to announce that Framework Digital has been awarded Google Partner status.

Are you looking for Google certified company to manage Google Ads?

This achievement is much more than a certificate for the wall. It means that we can evidence our proficiency in the setup and management of Google Ads campaigns.

When selecting a company to manage your Google Ads campaigns, look for this globally-recognised badge of expertise. It is a sign of quality assurance.


How we became a Google Partner?

When I joined the Google Partner Programme in 2013, I felt confident in my abilities. I had already set up effective online advertising campaigns, but I was also keen to improve. Taking part in Google Training soon shows that there is always more to learn!

GA clicks impressions 2013 2020 Google Partner - Google Advertising Framework Digital
GA account – clicks and impressions – 2013 – 2020

Having completed a series of courses, I took the 100 question exam. I was a little out of exam practice. It was tough, yet I achieved a score of over 85%, which is the requirement to pass.

Fortunately, I passed the exam, but that is not the end of the process. Next, Framework Digital came under review. Assessments were made to ensure that it meets the Google Partner requirements.

During this process, all Google Ads campaigns that we set up and managed were reviewed. The learning has to be put into practice to demonstrate best practice. Framework Digital needed to prove that we consistently applied the right keyword selection, tools and strategies to deliver tangible results for our customers.

To satisfy Google we had to prove that we had the necessary knowledge, experience and high-performance Google Ads campaigns. The certification was then awarded.

We have worked hard to earn this recognition. We hope it provides existing and future customers with the reassurance. Framework Digital is equipped to deliver great results with Google Ads campaigns.

Are you looking for local Google Ads certified partner? Here is the link to Framework Digital Google Partner profile which is the proof of our qualification and partner status.


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