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t level students on placement

Being college students without any work experience because of Covid-19 we had no idea what to expect in a workplace. We were grateful to Framework for giving us the opportunity to work for 5-weeks with them.

During our time at Framework Digital, we’ve worked on multiple projects, helping us strengthen skills and learn what we can’t in a classroom. Our first task was to write an article on what web hosting is and how the DNS works in an easily accessible and comprehensible way. Using our prior knowledge and research skills we were able to produce the article in a week and expand our knowledge about domain names and web hosting service providers. Having feedback from Tomas along the way – and Catherine’s copy writing expertise – really helped us to be confident when posting it on the Framework Digital Website: http://frameworkdigital.co.uk/web-hosting-dns.


After the article, with Mike’s guidance we were able to look for potential clients and know how he approaches them. Making lists of contact details and issues that could be resolved for their websites. He helped us to prepare for meetings and learn how to compose an effective email. Not knowing much about the professional side of a business, he taught us how he creates and sends a proposal and quotation to a client.

Learning WordPress was challenging but with Emona’s help we were able to understand and navigate our way around the back end of website and the themes Enfold and Divi. Moreover, we were taught the layout of a website and the various keywords such as burger menu, socket, and favicon. Whenever we were stumped, Emona was happy to help us work through it.

We participated in the team’s weekly Monday morning meetings. Having the time to understand the various project they take on at once and give our input on how we were progressing, especially with our assigned project for Bucks BAME Network.


It was an amazing opportunity for us to work on a project for a local charity in need of a website. Having the support of the team at Framework we were able to schedule meetings, send important documents and communicate with Mimi Harker at Bucks BAME Network to fulfil their needs. Although it was unfortunate our time was short, and we couldn’t complete the project – we were content to know how far we had advanced.


All throughout our unexpected time isolating and working from home we were assigned to transfer an existing website – Modeshift STARS – to the Enfold theme. They were unsatisfied with how difficult it was to edit their website. Therefore, as we were transferring the website, we made suitable changes with Emona’s assistance. Having the experience of learning from home during the lockdown two years ago helped us persevere against this setback.


“We cannot express enough how grateful we are to Framework Digital for such an enjoyable experience at their office. Everyone there was so patient and caring and made our month there worthwhile.”

–  Sabrine Charkaui & Sirine Charkaui

T-Level students at Buckinghamshire College Group

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