HubSpot Onboarding Package

With our HubSpot Onboarding service, you can get your sales team up and running efficiently in two days.
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HubSpot Onboarding Package

HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM platform that supports efficient marketing, client communication and customer service and sales management. You can find out more about CRM and HubSpot here.

To fully benefit from the features, HubSpot needs to be properly set up in the right way for your business. This set-up process is called Onboarding. Without in-house expertise, this can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

As HubSpot Partners, Framework Digital have the expertise to help you to get everything set up in one day, with follow up support to help you get up and running.


Our HubSpot Onboarding Package


Day One – Set Up

We offer a full day onboarding service to ensure that HubSpot is correctly set up for your business. This includes integration with existing systems, the migration of data and the creation of templates.

At the end of Day One, your new CRM platform will be ready to use.

Day Two – Familiarisation

A two-hour session on the following day will show you how to use the features of your new CRM. We aim to give you the confidence to benefit from this business tool.


Follow Up Support

Our HubSpot Onboarding Package also includes 4-hours of Ad Hoc telephone support and a follow-up session. We are on hand to answer questions, troubleshoot and ease the transition for your team.


What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of migrating and integrating your existing data (client lists, online mailboxes, digital advertising data and more) into your new CRM platform. Whilst there are online resources to guide you, the process can be time-consuming, complex and daunting.

Our HubSpot Onboarding Service will streamline the process, ensuring the CRM meets your business requirement and that you feel confident about how to use the key features.

We work with you to understand your business requirements and deliver your customised HubSpot account quickly and professionally.

Our Onboarding process consists of 3 key elements:

  1. CRM Set-up
  2. Introductory Training
  3. Support



Day One – Full HubSpot Set up

We will work with you to undertake the necessary steps that are required to tailor HubSpot to your requirements. Working in partnership allows us to ensure that the CRM matches your needs and helps you to understand the process and functionality.

During Day One, we will undertake the following tasks:


 Task                                                                                             What We Will Do

Setting Up Account Create your HubSpot account and password for your new HubSpot CRM account. We will work with you to define what your account will look like (service levels etc)
Setting Up Users We will work with you to set up users on your account. This includes creating profiles, granting access and delegating responsibilities
Create a Company Profile Creating your company profile will include personalising settings and preferences, and selecting relevant properties within the account
Add Mobile App This is where we bring your team into the CRM. This is achieved by sending a link/APK for the HubSpot App to the relevant team members. They will also be provided with login details and we can check that they have no issues with access
Connecting Mailboxes Being able to send and record emails on HubSpot is a valuable feature. To activate it, we will connect your existing email accounts to your new HubSpot CRM
Create Email Signature We’ll help you to create a professional-looking email signature. This will be sent with all emails from your HubSpot CRM account
Connect Domain Name Connect your domain name into your new HubSpot CRM account
Import Client List Database With the initial set up complete, we will import your client list into the new HubSpot CRM account. This sensitive data will be transferred and stored in a GDPR compliant way
Integrating Web  Enquiry Forms HubSpot can capture details entered into your website enquiry forms to create new client records. We will link your existing enquiry forms to your HubSpot CRM account so you can benefit from this functionality. The data will be protected in compliance with GDPR
Connecting Web Analytics The next step is to connect your existing web analytics into the new HubSpot CRM account. You can then easily review the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
Create Template for Newsletters Together, we will create a branded newsletter template. This makes it quicker and easier to deliver a consistent, professional image when emailing clients and prospects
Create an  Appointment Booking Form HubSpot offers an appointment booking and meeting system, so we will work with you to set it up in a way that fits your business needs
Connect Calendar The booking and meeting system can only work if we also connect your calendar to your new HubSpot CRM. Once complete, it ensures seamless meeting booking and organisation
Establishing a Sales Process Establishing a sales funnel and process is the next step. We will only capture the details that are relevant to your business. Once set up, this step will support financial forecasting, resource allocation and project management
Set Up GDPR Consent & Permissions There are specific consents and permission settings that enable you to capture and store clients’ data in accordance with GDPR
Connect Ad Campaigns (Google, LinkedIn etc) If you have active Ad campaigns, we will connect these to your new HubSpot CRM account. You will then find it easier to monitor performance and conversions


Day Two – A 2-hour Introduction Session

With the CRM set up completed on Day One, this session aims to build familiarity with the features, so you can begin using HubSpot with confidence.

During this session, we will:

  • Guide you through the key features of your HubSpot CRM account
  • Introduce the functionality, including how each module works, how to grant access to your team and basic troubleshooting

Follow-up Session

Scheduled for approximately 2 weeks after the Introduction session

Most questions don’t occur until you begin using a new system. Having experienced HubSpot for a few weeks, this session aims to answer questions, respond to comments and address any concerns you may have.

Ad Hoc Support

Our HubSpot Onboarding service includes 4-hours of Ad Hoc support between Day 2 and your follow up session 2 weeks later. Contact us for troubleshooting, best practice guidance or even a quick question.

Need more support? Additional support can be purchased on a per hour basis. We will provide further details if required.



We have tried many other platforms since 2018 and the HubSpot is the winning solution that we use every day. Now, we are HubSpot Solution Provider and we feel confident to offer implementation and support services to our clients.


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