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What is a HubSpot Deal? A Deal is a record of potential revenue to your business.
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The ultimate objective of business owners, sales manager or MD of a business is sales. Whether it is a product or service you are selling, getting customers to buy from you, in a mutually agreed deal, is the end goal. This, in turn, should result in a happy client!

But going from that initial interaction with a prospect or client to completing that work for your client or your customer receiving their product is a journey. So it is important for you to know what that journey will look like, know where a customer might be in that journey & when they will move from one stage to another, as well as know the value of all of the customers in your journey for your business forecast.

In HubSpot, there is a tool that can help you do all of these things and more.

HubSpot’s Deals tool is primarily used to track revenue and contact with a prospect or client. It is extremely customisable, so you can make it tailored to your business. But first, let’s start with what a deal is.

What is a HubSpot Deal?

A Deal is a record of potential revenue to your business. It tracks your sales pipeline from recording a new potential sale to the sale being closed.

This will usually include:

  1. A point of contact, including name, email address and/or phone number
  2. A name for the Deal (e.g. Kitchen Extension)
  3. At which stage of the journey the deal is (e.g. Initial Enquiry)

Of course, as previously mentioned, these are customisable for you and your business needs, but this is what a typical Deal might show in your journey.

Your journey stages can be customised too. Here is an example of some sales journey along with the projected value at the bottom.

This shows the sections of the sales journey that Deals will sit in and the potential value each section has. This can help with forecasting your income and which areas may need some more attention. Is there a significant amount of potential business sitting in the “Follow Up” section? Maybe it’s time to send an email or pick up the phone to those contacts.

So, that is how a Deal will look in your journey, but what information is actually in this record? What does it look like?

Here, you can see an example of a Deal record that lives in your HubSpot. It shows:

  1. The £ value of the Deal
  2. Contact details
  3. Company details (automatically populated)
  4. The most recent activity with this Deal
  5. Any notes you or your team may have added
  6. Email communication (synchronised with mailbox)
  7. Any calls you may have had and recorded details
  8. Tasks you have associated with it (such as follow up, reminders etc)
  9. Meetings you have scheduled
  10. Documents (such as proposals and quotations)

It’s here where the most important elements are added or amended. This is the area you can change at which stage the Deal is (this example shows this Deal is currently in the “Proposal & Quotation” stage), where you can add any interactions with the point of contact.

You can also add information via the Attachments section. This is where you can upload documents such as quotations, proposals or plans that may be relevant to your Deal.

A CRM to Support Teamwork and Customer Service

This gives you an overview of your Deal at any time for any member of your team that you have granted access. This means, that if a client calls for an update, you can see immediately the most recent interaction a member of your team has had with regards to this deal.

On every record, there is the option to include follow up tasks (for example an email or phone call) which can be assigned to any member of the team. This helps prevent lost opportunities and, in turn, promotes prompt communication.

Let’s say a member of staff has been off sick for some time and wants to get back up to speed. Looking at where the deal is can be significantly helpful in giving that team member the confidence they need when dealing with ongoing Deals.

These features offer a consistent level of service which can give your customers confidence in you, your business and your process. It also allows your organisation to seize every opportunity.

So, that is your brief look at Deals in HubSpot. Of course, this is by no means extensive but gives you a look at what a Deal is and how it can help your sales process, service and forecasting.

That’s great to see you are interested in managing your marketing, sales activities, and clients data with CRM System.

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