Smart Way To Get Paid

Make it easy for your clients to pay you by card or referring them to 'Pay Us' page on your website.

If you are busy enough to get your business going, there is no reason to have one more job – chasing payments. Make it easy for your clients to pay you by card on a spot or referring them to ‘Pay Us’ page on your website.

Would you see the mobile payment solutions being the next step in improving the efficiency in getting paid for your work instantly?

(updated on 20/12/2017)


Mobile payment
In-store payment – turns an iPad into a full POS system
Online payment

£39.00 card reader
1.75{15584b55cd77717f56880f7a70ba371618383fde6fdb39408248e78c721d4bc8} per chip & pin and contactless
2.5{15584b55cd77717f56880f7a70ba371618383fde6fdb39408248e78c721d4bc8}  per manually-entered transaction


Accept Credit Cards – Accept debit and credit cards as well as PayPal
Paypal Payments – Transfer funds between your bank accounts linked to your Paypal account
Submit Invoices – Issues invoices and enables the user to send instant receipts
Customise Your Orders – allows you to add tax, discounts and a ‘tip’ functionality
Compatibility – Works with iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones

£75 one-off fee for the card reader
2.75{15584b55cd77717f56880f7a70ba371618383fde6fdb39408248e78c721d4bc8} for every payment you accept with Chip and PIN cards or PayPal check-in (less {15584b55cd77717f56880f7a70ba371618383fde6fdb39408248e78c721d4bc8} if more than £6000.00 per month)
£0 monthly cost


Product Catalogue – allows you to save your products/services with description, picture and price, allowing you to build up a your product inventory so that you can access them easily next time
Multi-Account – gives you the ability to set up sub-accounts for your employees and to provide each of them can have a Chip & PIN device linked to the same bank account
Electronic Receipt – Send receipts to customers via e-mail, or directly print them on the spot with a mobile printer
Accept ApplePay

Chip & Pin card reader £59.00
£0 monthly cost
1.69{15584b55cd77717f56880f7a70ba371618383fde6fdb39408248e78c721d4bc8} transaction fee
Virtual Terminal & SMS Payment transactions are charged at 2.95{15584b55cd77717f56880f7a70ba371618383fde6fdb39408248e78c721d4bc8} + £ 0.25

If you’re thinking about trading online, we can design and build ecommerce sites, help with choosing the right platform and payment system.

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