How to write copy for your website

We present 10 ways to improve your website copy content in a best practice guide.
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We’ve created a set of best practices for copy content on your website. Use these 10 tips to improve readability, accessibility, comprehension and much more!


1. Page headline and subheadings

The page headline adds value to what the content is about. Subheadings inform users more about the page headline. It also helps to break down the information presented, encouraging easy-readability.


2. Count

A minimum of 300 words are required on a page. This will enable search engine optimisations (SEO) to pick up on keywords and help users find your website. We recommend between 300 – 600 words (or more).


3. Keywords

Try to think about keywords users would put into Google to find you. Use these keywords in your copy content. If you want any help with this let us know.


4. First draft

Create a first draft. We (and other agencies) understand there may be a need for small revisions later on to best fit your organisation, the webpage and it’s purpose.


5. Target audience

Who is this content for?
Why is it important for this user?
Are there multiple audiences?
If so, how will you convey this on the page?


6. Call–to–action (CTA) buttons

Use clear labelling of buttons. This will enable users to make informed decisions about where they need to go next, e.g., ‘View case study’ or ‘Visit website’.


7. Compelling headlines/ subheadings

Research shows most users skim-read through headlines. This is an opportunity to engage busy individuals through the choice of language.


8. Links

What is the value of that link? Is it needed?
a. internal link inside a paragraph – use an in-line button
b. external link – use a clear button, such as a primary button.


9. Accessibility

a. Simple sentences
b. Abbreviations explained, at first
c. Breaking information down using paragraphs and sections


10. Tools to use

To improve the accessibility of your sentences, try the First, read the instructions on the editor. Next, copy and paste your content. We recommend working on removing just the red and yellow highlights that may appear on difficult-to- read sentences.

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