What Is CRM?

What is CRM? - Framework Digital
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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and that’s exactly what it does. It helps manage your customer, marketing and sales data centrally.


By using a CRM effectively, it helps build meaningful relationships with your customers, clients and prospects by making them feel valued through regular communication, leading to happy buyers and promoters.


A CRM can help send customised marketing to identified groups of customers, clients or prospects meaning the right message is being sent to the right audience.


Using a CRM to track your sales journey instantly means you can have a snapshot of your business pipeline at any time knowing areas that are doing well or areas that need attention.

Centralised Efficiency

Using a CRM to record new and existing clients or prospects is extremely important. Without a centralised system, the details about those customers could be spread out in many different places. They could be:

  • On an employee’s laptop or device,
  • In a filing cabinet in an office
  • Remembered from face-to-face meetings or phone calls


How would a customer feel about your business if you couldn’t give an accurate update to an enquiry if these items were separate?

Your Business

Think about your business as it is today.

How do you currently organise your:

  • Client list?
  • Sales process?
  • Customer correspondence?
  • Track your ad campaigns?
  • Ensure the data you hold stays GDPR compliant?

These elements may be stored or maintained separately.

If so, it takes more time and effort to keep on top of everything and has the potential to hinder processes or interactions internally or with your customers.

Without a CRM, could you provide accurate answers to important internal questions around what your pipeline of new business looks like or who are your customers, instantly?

Purpose Of A CRM

Why is a CRM important?

A CRM is a single solution for multiple business challenges.

  • Clients – Organise records, to improve the quality of communication and ensure no prospect or customer slips through the net.
  • Marketing – Communicate efficiently and effectively to the right customer in the right way
  • Sales – Track your sales instantly – are they on track with your business forecasts? Have you set reminders to follow up to avoid ales falling through the cracks?
  • Service – Create and send templated emails to all customers or identified groups, raise support tickets to organise work and book meetings

In short, it helps to improve internal efficiency and interactions with your customers.


Put simply, a CRM is designed to help you organise all of these elements, giving you a clear view of your business at any moment.

  • It helps manage relationships, whether they are customers, users, leads, or even prospects.
  • A CRM can show you at what stage a sale is, from initial contact to completion, who the deal is with as well as it’s value to the business.
  • In doing this, you can have a more accurate picture and forecast for your business
  • It is all held in a single system that 1 or multiple users can access and create new relationships at any time.
  • This means that should your business or team grow, everyone can see at a glance where the business is at any given time.

If you would like to learn how CRM can help make your organisation more efficient, we have 2 options for you:

  • Attend our webinar – We organise free monthly Webinars, showing examples of features within a CRM and how they can help your business
  • Book appointment – Speak 1 to 1 about your needs

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